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    Cafe Rio

    • 2580 Arapahoe Ave
      Boulder, CO 80302
    • (720) 518-2888

    Cafe Rio Mexican Grill is the nation’s #1 Mexican restaurant, bringing you made-from-scratch Mexican food with fresh ingredients.
    Why are we the best, you ask? Yes, we know why you're looking at this section. You want to know what makes us so great. The answer is pretty simple: we make all of our ingredients from scratch every day and then combine them into a snazzy meal for you only after you order. Just take a look in our super legit kitchens... they are filled with around 20 employees making fresh ingredients by the minute. Try finding that anywhere else.
    Another good thing to point out is that we are huge fans of ourselves. We eat here all the time. We love our food. Is this cockyness? Nay. This is confidence. By making food we love, we are confident that you will love it too.