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Events, Arts & Culture Grant Program Application

Welcome, event organizers! The Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau (BCVB), in partnership with Create Boulder, is pleased to announce funding opportunities for Boulder events, arts, and culture again! This grant opportunity is intended to support Boulder events that enhance and enliven our community for visitors and residents alike. Please note that cultural and artistic experiences that connect with an audience are also considered within this framework. 


Grant applications and review are closed for 2022.
Applications for events in 2023 will be accepted and reviewed in late winter/early spring, please contact to be added to the grant communication list.

Application and award status notifications will go out after committee deliberation.

Applicants must electronically submit a completed application with supplemental documents uploaded as PDF documents. Other supplementary material shall be submitted in an appropriate file format.

Applications should be submitted to the attention of: Emiliano Lake-Herrera, Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau. E-mail address:

Event Information

Please Answer the Following Questions:



Event Marketing

Event Economics

Event Budget

Please attach your projected event budget document below. 

• The projected budget, which will include both revenue and expense categories. All income (including in-kind) will be broken out individually by amount, source, and identified as secured or pending. Expenses will be itemized. What are the shared resources?  This is demonstrated through other sources of cash, donations and in-kind contributions of materials, staff, and volunteer time provided to the event. 

You may attach one document below, please send any additional supplemental documents to BCVB Staff:

Disbursement: Grant awards are provided as a cash investment — 80 percent is distributed upon approval by the committee.  The remaining up to 20 percent is disbursed after the event’s completion and submission of the event’s Final Evaluation Report.

In addition to our cash investment, the BCVB may provide secondary marketing support for the event. More details will be included in your award letter.

If granted sponsorship from the Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau, your event will be responsible for the following:

  • Include the CVB's logo under your list of sponsors.  If possible, link it to the CVB's homepage
  • Include a link to the CVB's homepage on your event's homepage and on the registration page
  • Include Create Boulder’s logo under your list of sponsors. If possible, link it to the CVB's homepage
  • Include a link to Create Boulder’s homepage on your event's homepage and on the registration page
  • To the best of your ability, collect attendee demographics requested in the Final Report Form provided by the BCVB.  (attendee #, percentage breakdown: in-state, out of state, local)
  • The Final Report Form will also ask for identification of number of people employed as well as volunteers in support of the event.

The Event Grants Committee, a sub-committee of the CVB's Board of Directors, reviews and approves each grant, and sets policy for the program. It is not a function of the staff of the Boulder CVB.

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