Jim SmailerJim Smailer is the executive chef at the Boulder Cork. Growing up in Pennsylvania, his family had huge gardens and he's always had an affection for the sea and fresh produce, which explains why he has been buying from Boulder's farms and growers for the last 28 years. This past summer he bartered with a farmer for cherry tomatoes and brought them to the restaurant on his bicycle. He lives for food and is passionate about it.

My Perfect Day in Boulder

  • Make an early morning trip to the Boulder Farmers' Market. Be there when they first open to get first dibs.
  • Walk to Oliv You & Me to check out all of their olive oils. From robust and grassy to light and fruity, Patti and her staff have an amazing selection.  (I've had as many as 23 bottles of olive oil open in my kitchen at home!)
  • Continue walking through downtown historic Boulder to brunch or lunch at The Kitchen. They do a great job and I appreciate their philosophy.
  • Take a bird watching hike through the White Rocks Nature Preserve east of Boulder. It's an easy 30-60 minute hike. Look for the Northern Kingfishers and the Bald Eagles as you enjoy the amazing panoramic view of the Front Range. 
  • Have dinner at the Cork.