John PlattChef/Proprietor John Platt is a respected leader in the Boulder restaurant world, a teacher to aspiring culinarians and a mentor to numerous alumni of Q's, now successful in their own endeavors. Q's has achieved critical acclaim for consistent culinary excellence and gracious hospitality. During his time off, he likes to fly fish and tend to his organic garden.

My Perfect Day in Boulder

  • Evening prior to the big day: Go to McGuckins Hardware to get flies for fishing. (Even if I don't need flies, they always invariably have something I need!)
  • Next morning:  Up early, nutritious chef's breakfast of Silver Canyon "Q's Blend" coffee to accompany the morning demolition of the Sodoku, garden perusal and lettuce picking for dinner. 
  • Drive the beautiful 40-minute drive to the Big Thompson River for a day of matching wits and reflexes with wily rainbows and browns.  
  • Have a riverside home-made lunch of ham and Haystack Mountain Chevre on that killer olive bread from Breadworks, Boulder Sea Salt and Vinegar chips, a perfect Colorado peach, a Twisted Pine beer, and some of my wife Sabrina's chocolate chip cookies. (Twisted Pine is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.)
  • Cruise home (basking in the memory of conquering "Old Fighter" yet again), make sure the garden is still growing, pick sun-warmed tomatoes for dinner, grill up a steak, and spend the best part of the Boulder day enjoying dinner with my family on the deck. (Another one of those Twisted Pine brews always seems to sneak in here somehow.)
  • There is always a superb meal at Black Cat(Black Cat is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.)