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    Event Grant Program Application

    General Instructions


    The mission of the Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is to provide leadership promoting Boulder’s natural environment, arts, culture, innovation, and the visitor experience to support economic vitality and our quality of life.

    To achieve that mission the BCVB has developed The Boulder Sustainable Tourism Plan, which lists as its three major goals:

    • Economic: Sustain and strengthen the hospitality, retail, and restaurant industries; create revenue and maintain or increase jobs.
    • Experiential/Quality of Life: Position Boulder as a destination during peak and off-peak seasons, while maintaining the quality of life for visitors and residents.
    • Infrastructure: Maintain and improve the facilities utilized by tourists and residents. The suggested implementation of such projects and prioritization would be through the cooperation of the city manager’s department and/or designee.

    The BCVB Event Grant Program (EGP) has been designed and implemented to help achieve these goals by investing in the development of new events, as well as the expansion of existing events that identify with the Boulder brand for both residents and visitors with the specific goal of increasing tourism and revenue in mind.

    The Event Grant Committee will consider repeat applications from previously funded organizations up to three years.  The EGP Committee sees continued funding as contrary to the scope of this grant and its goals to fund new events or assist with the expansion of existing events.  Please note this is specific to individual events and not entire organizations.  Exceptions will be entertained in the instance that a previously funded event is seeking to dramatically expand marketing efforts or has a new innovative strategy to improve the event profile.  Funds will not be provided for Capital projects or general organizational operating expenses. 

    New Event Grant Program applications are accepted and reviewed quarterly and must be received by the BCVB no later than 5:00PM on:

    i. Tuesday, January 9, 2018
    ii. Tuesday, April 10, 2018
    iii. Tuesday, July 10, 2018
    iv. Tuesday, October 9, 2018
    v. Tuesday, January 8, 2019

    Determination of the award will be made within 90 days of the application deadline.

    Late applications will not be considered, nor will applications that are received incomplete or incorrect.

    Applicants must electronically submit a completed application with a business plan as PDF documents.  Other supplementary material shall be submitted in an appropriate file format.

    Applications should be submitted to the attention of: Emiliano Lake-Herrera, Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau. E-mail address:

    NOTE: Please use and refer to the BCVB's complete EGP guidelines and application instructions here while filling out the form below.

    Event Information

    Please Answer the Following Questions:

    Note that all assumptions you are making in your application must be explained with clarity and reason, and properly sourced through prior history and experience and industry sources.



    Event Marketing

    Event Economics

    Event Community Impact

    Event Sustainability

    Event Evaluation

    Business Plan

    In addition to the answers to the above questions, the applicant/event producer is required to provide a full business plan for the event. In it, the applicant/event producer must provide: 

    • The scope of work, which will describe the event in details and how it will be produced and delivered. The degree of support and involvement by other co-producers and stakeholders is one measure of an event's potential success and will be given greater consideration.
    • The promotion and marketing plan, which will describe how the event producers propose to advertise, publicize, and distribute information for this project.
    • The projected budget, which will include both revenue and expense categories. All income (including in-kind) will be broken out individually by amount and source, and identified as secured or pending. Expenses will be itemized. What are the shared resources? This is demonstarted through other sources of cash, donations and in-kind contributions of materials, staff, and volunteer time provided to the event.
    • The three-year pro forma income and expense statement looking specifically at the event and its 3-year projected impact. You can include the year prior, the year of, and the year after if that works better to get a clear picture of the overall impact, etc. This should include information such as sponsorship, grants, lecturer/performer fees, transportation, venue rental & infrastructure (utilities, etc.), marketing, insurance, staff, admin, supplies, merchandise sales, ticket sales, and any other critical elements.

    You may attach one document below, please send any additional supplemental documents to BCVB staff:

    The applicant/event producer acknowledges that it has thoroughly read and understands the terms and requirements of the Event Grant Program as set forth in the materials accompanying this application. Further, the applicant/event producer agrees to be bound by such terms and requirements and agrees to fulfill its obligations in accordance with same if this application is awarded funding.

    If granted sponsorship from the Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau, your event will be responsible for the following:

    • Include the CVB's logo under your list of sponsors. If possible, link it to the CVB's homepage
    • Include a link to the CVB's homepage on your event's homepage and on the registration page

    The Event Grants Committee, a sub-committee of the CVB's Board of Directors, reviews and approves each grant, and sets policy for the program. It is not a function of the staff of the Boulder CVB.


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