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    Tulips on Pearl Street

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    Meet Our Team

    Mary Ann Mahoney

    Chief Executive Officer
    303-442-2911, ext. 116


    • Favorite hike or walk: Walden Ponds, near Gunbarrel, with binoculars for bird watching to check-off birds in my book
    • Most relaxing spot: Chautauqua Auditorium during Colorado Music Festival rehearsal — with a great book
    • Favorite place to take guests: After a walk through the Chautauqua historic neighborhood, walking/shopping on Pearl Street between 8th and 18th Streets, stopping at the split-rock installation on 1100 block. Feel the energy between the rocks?
    • Travel style: Book night one, then see where the road takes me!

    Charlene Hoffman

    Operations and Financial Officer
    Charlene Hoffman

    • Favorite Boulder hike or walk:  Mt. Sanitas has a special place in my heart because for many, many years while our kids were young, my friend group of eight twin moms pushed double strollers up this beautiful trail every Wednesday morning, rain or shine. 
    • Your Boulder beverage of choice: T|ACO has great margaritas without the sugary mixes and they carry a favorite Boulder-based brand, Suerte Tequila. Hits the spot!
    • Favorite weekend activity in Boulder: A picnic at Chautauqua, preferably when music is playing in the auditorium, throwing a frisbee, kicking a soccer ball, and enjoying each other.
    • Favorite view: Lost Gulch Overlook
    • Travel style: With an active family and busy lifestyle, a beach is always good for the soul! Rest and renewal.

    Kim Farin

    Director of Marketing
    303-442-2911, ext. 107

    Kim Farin

    • Favorite place to take guests: The visitor center at NCAR. It’s a beautiful road, on a beautiful piece of land. I especially like how the tall grass blows in the wind, and we see deer there fairly often.
    • Best meal in Boulder: It’s a toss-up between the Eggs Jennifer at Lucile’s and the vegetable tasting platter at Salt.
    • Favorite view: Boulder Valley as you drive into Boulder from Denver. To see the mountains in the distance, all the wide, open space that surround our town, and the red roofs of CU – whew!
    • Travel style: Small-town discovery

    Karleen Lewis

    Digital Marketing Manager
    303-442-2911, ext. 117

    Karleen Lewis

    Abbie Youngs

    Marketing and Communications Manager
    303-442-2911, ext. 130

    Abbie Youngs

    • Boulder beverages of choice: Alpine Lavender Kombucha by Rowdy Mermaid
    • Best meal you’ve had in Boulder: The Za Jiang Mian from Zoe Ma Ma
    • A hidden gem you’ve discovered: Kettle and Spoke Brewing – a tucked away brewery in a custom bike shop with great patio views
    • Travel style: Weekend warrior

    Angela "Fig" Wirkler, CMP

    Director of Group Sales
    303-442-2911, ext. 131


    • Favorite place to take visitors: Corrida for happy hour or Coot Lake for a nice leisurely walk
    • Favorite weekend activity in Boulder: Boulder Farmers Market or North Boulder Park for playing bags and slack-lining
    • Best meal you’ve had in Boulder: Duck confit from The Kitchen or chicken tikka masala from Curry n Kebob
    • Travel style: Wanderlust-driven adventure junkie

    Emiliano Lake-Herrera

    Director of Visitor and Conference Services
    303-442-2911, ext. 133


    Sara Matthews

    Visitor Services Manager

    Sara Matthews

    • Boulder beverage of choice: Iced chai at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse or Raspberry Rising at Twisted Pine Brewing
    • Favorite hike or walk: South Mesa Trailhead is my favorite local hike so far but I’m still exploring! I LOVE the hiking trails in South Boulder. They tend to be a bit less busy and there is a great range in difficulty and views. 
    • Most relaxing spot: The Boulder Book Store, I could spend hours there browsing.
    • Best meal you’ve had in Boulder: The Pain Perdu at Lucile’s. The atmosphere is so different and fun, and the food is seasoned to perfection.
    • Travel style: A mix of weekend warrior and free-and-easy 


    Vintage 1975 VW Bus
    Mobile Visitor Center and Photo Booth
    Reserve me for your meeting or event!

    VW Mobile Visitor Bus - Delilah

    • Beverage of choice: Premium
    • Favorite place to take visitors: Anywhere downhill, ha ha! When I don't have room for everyone, I send them to Electric Cruiser Bike Tours to a hitch a ride on one of my two-wheeled friends.    
    • Favorite weekend activity: The Chautauqua Trailhead, chatting with all the hikers 
    • Travel style: Third gear — slow enough to take in the beautiful Boulder scenery


    Vintage 1979 VW Bus
    Mobile Visitor Center and Photo Booth
    Reserve me for your meeting or event!


    • Beverage of choice: A nice, chilled glass of Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha while parked near my food truck buddies at Rayback Collective
    • Favorite place to take visitors: Museum of Boulder, man. Gotta love the old pics they have of our glory days.    
    • Favorite time of year: Anytime Dead and Company is in town.
    • Travel style: Easy cruisin' — no need to rush.