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    Tulips on Pearl Street

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    Meet Our Team

    Mary Ann Mahoney

    303-442-2911, ext. 116


    • Favorite hike or walk: Walden Ponds, near Gunbarrel, with binoculars for bird watching to check-off birds in my book
    • Most relaxing spot: Chautauqua Auditorium during Colorado Music Festival rehearsal — with a great book
    • Favorite place to take guests: After a walk through the Chautauqua historic neighborhood, walking/shopping on Pearl Street between 8th and 18th Streets, stopping at the split-rock installation on 1100 block. Feel the energy between the rocks?
    • Travel style: Book night one, then see where the road takes me!
    Kim Farin

    Director of Marketing
    303-442-2911, ext. 107


    • Favorite place to take guests: The visitor center at NCAR. It’s a beautiful road, on a beautiful piece of land. I especially like how the tall grass blows in the wind, and we see deer there fairly often.
    • Best meal in Boulder: It’s a toss up between the Eggs Jennifer at Lucile’s and the vegetable tasting platter at Salt
    • Favorite view: Boulder Valley as you drive into Boulder from Denver. To see the mountains in the distance, all the wide, open space that surround our town, and the red roofs of CU – whew!
    • Travel style: Small-town discovery
    Erin Byrne

    Communications and Marketing Manager
    303-442-2911, ext. 105


    • Boulder beverage of choice: Egg-white whiskey sour from the Bitter Bar
    • Favorite Boulder hike: Royal Arch
    • Favorite weekend activity in Boulder: Brunch at the Buff followed by a bike trip to some breweries
    • Travel style: Globe trekker (I've been to 17 countries, and can’t wait to see more)


    Carrie Tomlinson

    Digital Marketing Manager
    Direct: 303-442-2911, ext. 117


    • Boulder beverage of choice: Ice-cold martini with a twist on the patio at Corner Bar
    • Favorite weekend activity in Boulder: Cycling with friends and refueling with big lunch on the Rio rooftop
    • Most relaxing spot: Browsing at Boulder Book Store
    • Favorite hidden gem: The Hungry Toad. A cozy neighborhood spot that’s not too far out of the way.
    • Travel style: Plan to be spontaneous. I map out every possible thing I might want to do, then go with the flow once there.
    Andrew Heidt

    Director of Group Sales and Marketing
    303-442-2911, ext. 115


    • Favorite place in Boulder to take visitors: Pearl Street to check out the wild street performers and see what music is playing
    • Boulder beverage of choice: Mojo IPA by Boulder Beer
    • Favorite weekend activity in Boulder: Cycling endless Boulder routes and canyons
    • Favorite view: Dropping into Boulder from the highway and seeing the Flatirons after a snowfall
    • Travel style: Play it by ear! Grab a brew in a pub and hear from the locals
    Angela Wirkler

    Group Sales Manager
    303-442-2911, ext. 131



    Angela Wirth

    Group Sales Coordinator
    303-442-2911, ext. 132


    • Favorite place to take visitors: Snooze for breakfast!
    • Favorite weekend activity: Morning hike at Chautauqua then head over to the Boulder Farmers Market for fresh veggies and lunch
    • Most relaxing spot: Running along the Boulder Creek Path
    • Favorite view: Driving in on Highway 36 just as all of Boulder and the Flatirons come into view
    • Travel style: Weekend warrior to globe trekker, and everything in between!
    Emiliano Lake-Herrera

    Visitor and Conference Services Manager
    303-442-2911, ext. 133


    • Favorite place to take visitors: Red Rocks Trail at Settler’s Park
    • Boulder beverage of choice: Upslope Belgian Style Pale Ale
    • Favorite hike: EM Greenman Trail to Green Mountain
    • Best meal you’ve had in Boulder: Sichuan Braised Beef Noodle at Zoe Ma Ma
    • Travel style: When in Rome, do as the Romans do


    Traci Schaefer

    Visitor Services Manager
    303-442-2911, ext. 130


    • Favorite weekend activities: Boulder Comedy Show at the Bohemian Biergarten, Boulder Farmers Market and hiking   
    • Favorite hike: Mount Sanitas
    • Boulder beverage of choice: Pineapple-infused margarita from Tahona Tequila Bistro
    • Most relaxing spot: Lost Gulch Overlook
    • Travel style: Escapist — anywhere and everywhere is new adventure

    Vintage 1975 VW Bus
    Mobile Visitor Center and Photo Booth
    Reserve me for your meeting or event!

    VW Mobile Visitor Bus - Delilah

    • Beverage of choice: Premium
    • Favorite place to take visitors: Anywhere downhill, ha ha! When I don't have room for everyone, I send them to Hotel Boulderado to hitch a ride with my friend Banjo Billy to see the Boulder sights.    
    • Favorite weekend activity: The Chautauqua Trailhead, chatting with all the hikers 
    • Travel style: Third gear — slow enough to take in the beautiful Boulder scenery