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    ARE YOU A VOICE OR AN ECHO? How To Inspire, Innovate & Impact On Social



    The world and tech are changing fast...and jobs are shifting even faster. So, how do you stay relevant? How do you future-proof your job or work? One way is to build your own brand by showcasing your unique insights and voice.

    Whether you're working for a global enterprise or you're a solopreneur, the new business order is that everyone is a contractor. Through strategically focusing on building your Thought Leadership, you are building a brand of your own that others will think of when a specific topic is on their mind.

    That's why we've brought in Tamara McCleary. She's the CEO of Thulium and has risen to the top as a global influencer around topics on social media and new technology. Tamara advises companies like Verizon, IBM & AWS. She'll share her story, help us to see big shifts that are coming, and share her insights and steps to become a thought leader.

    Thought Leadership is often referred to as “personal branding,” “an online persona,” “influencer” or maybe even “reputation management.” All of these terms mean one thing: How we demonstrate our expertise to inspire, innovate, and make an impact online. The speed of digital transformation coupled with the growing number of people on social media (currently almost half the world's population), means your Thought Leadership is mission critical, now, more than ever.

    Come learn how you can build a powerful and potent personal brand online to support you in future proofing your relevance and career.

    + A FAB OFFER:

    Attendees will also receive a coupon code to enroll in an in-depth, online, executive thought leadership program at no charge!

    6:00-7:00 = Mingling, Food & Drinks
    7:00pm-8:00'ish = Intros, Speaker and Q&A

    ARE YOU A VOICE OR AN ECHO? How To Inspire, Innovate & Impact On Social
    • 1023 Walnut Street
    • Boulder, CO 80302
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    • Galvanize Boulder - Walnut
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