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    Backporch Series at the Dairy: Magic Show with Braden Carlisle and Alec Mueller



    Backporch Series at the Dairy

    Come round to the back of the Dairy on an afternoon or evening for a live performance. We use our loading dock as a stage, and our shaded parking lot for a safely distanced and masked audience area, to enjoy the irreplaceable experience of real live people putting on a show. Beyond your attendance, we ask that you help us create the space for this to happen by following the appropriate guidelines, protecting yourselves and each other in the communal act of art appreciation with mutual respect. Each party will maintain safe distance from others, as marked on the asphalt, and wear a face covering at all times. Let this be an example of how our community holds each other up in times of need.

    Concessions including beer and wine will be available for purchase with credit card only.

    We will be collecting a cell phone number for your reservation at the time of check out. We will only use this number in the case of emergency instructions via text message such as a weather delay.

    Magic Show with Braden Carlisle and Alec Mueller

    Oct 4, 4:30 PM MDT

    Alec Mueller: From Longmont Colorado, Alec Mueller is a young mentalist and magician. He has made multiple live TV appearances, and most recently he put on an online magic show that raised over $2,000 for his schools free lunch program during the pandemic. He was also the focus of a multiple award winning documentary titled “The Mead High Mentalist”. If you’ve ever wondered if someone can tell you exactly what you’re thinking, come see Alec Mueller do it in person!

    Backporch Series at the Dairy: Magic Show with Braden Carlisle and Alec Mueller
    • 2590 Walnut Street
    • Boulder, CO 80302
    • to
    • Dairy Arts Center
    • $20 per person