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    Broken Box Mime Theater: Above Below



    In ABOVE BELOW, BKBX’s modern mimes take you on an epic journey from bus stop to pit full of ninjas, passing by a time-traveling love story and returning to a hometown lake at sunset. ABOVE BELOW is comprised of 12 stories of varying lengths, each exploring in their own style different interpretations of what is above, what is below, and where we find ourselves in the here and now. 

    *The Sunday, 5pm performance will be "relaxed" in which the sound and light cues will be gentler, while we relax the theater etiquette that requires silent focus and stillness as a way to make the theater-going experience more accessible. Attendees of all ages, abilities, and needs are welcome, including kids on the autism spectrum and nursing mothers with babies who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend a show.

    Broken Box Mime Theater: Above Below
    • 2590 Walnut Street
    • Boulder, CO 80302
    • to
    • Grace Gamm Theater
    • $25-$35
    • Recurring daily