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    Last Call in Boulder: HISTORY OF A DRY CITY



    After more than a decade of bootlegging and illegal underground booze production, Prohibition was officially repealed across the United States in 1933. So how in the world did Boulder, Colorado, manage to maintain its status as a dry city for a whopping 34 years more?

    Join Atlas Obscura and the Museum of Boulder as we explore the city’s evolution from the holder of one of the longest unbroken prohibitions against alcohol in the United States to its current status as a homebrew heavy hitter.

    At this event, you’ll sample homebrew favorites while learning about the distilleries that were captured, the bootleggers who were busted, the decision-making behind why Boulder prohibited alcohol for an unprecedented 60 years, and the current homebrewing explosion around Boulder.

    Finish up the evening on the Museum of Boulder’s rooftop to enjoy some drinks from Crystal Springs Brewery.

    $20 Advance Tickets Only

    Last Call in Boulder: HISTORY OF A DRY CITY
    • 2205 Broadway St.
    • Boulder, CO 80302
    • to
    • Museum of Boulder at the Tebo Center
    • $20 Advance Tickets Only