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    Meet Local Artists: Janice Larson and Girl Painters West



    Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery is pleased to host an artist's reception for Janice Larson and Girl Painters West on Saturday, June 29th, 2019 from 2 - 4 pm. Stop in for refreshments and live music by the Wallpaper House Band.

    - Janice Larson:
    This group of Beading/Embroidery is called “Connecting Threads”. The backdrop for each piece are segments of my Canadian Grandmother’s quilts, made in the 1940 - 1950’s and my Mother’s stitched pillows made in the 1970’s. I embellished this work with embroidery, beads and vintage buttons, many from my Mother’s button collection.

    I have incorporated bits of my Mother’s and Grandmother’s
    jewelry, watch faces and pins. The connection between generations of women in my family comes full circle in these textile pieces.

    - Girl Painters West:
    The artistic core of this group of western women painters is their passion for expressing themselves through color. The impact & accessible message of each composition is devoted to committing color to canvas.

    Our shared inspirations & love of nature are uniquely communicated by each artist; Abstract or Representational.

    This imaginative painterly group paints from the heart,
    expressing visual joy & sharing the idea that inspiration is everywhere.

    Lancene Cadora ~ Penny Peterson ~ Alice Renouf ~ Laurie Donlon ~ Cyndy Hinkelmen Smith ~ Jacque Michelle ~ Cathy Faughnan ~ Laura Brenton

    Meet Local Artists: Janice Larson and Girl Painters West