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    New Heights: Dancing on the Walls that Divide Us



    With AscenDance Project, founder and artistic director Isabel von Rittberg gives birth to a new genre of dance that fuses rock climbing, music and choreography performed on a vertical wall. Without ropes or suspension, dancers use sheer strength to overcome gravity with grace, beauty and artistic prowess. AscenDance Project’s performance is centered around the idea that while contemporary political zeitgeist suggests walls are necessary to separate those of differing backgrounds or ideologies, this wall is designed to inspire connection and hope. Von Rittberg believes that we create the world we live in. She dreams of a new world, where we dance on the walls that divide us. Her choreography is inspired by an impactful selection of music. Each piece tells stories of struggle, hardship and solitude that eventually melt into connection, love and trust. Each piece builds to the final dance featuring all performers on the wall.

    New Heights: Dancing on the Walls that Divide Us
    • 2590 Walnut Street
    • Boulder, CO 80302
    • to
    • Dairy Arts Center
    • $30 adults, $25 children & students