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    Steppe: The Grasslands that Nurtured Humankind



    The Steppe is a bioregion that the Western U.S. shares with countries all over the world; learn how we are connected regionally and globally, in the present as well as the past. Rediscover the landscapes where humanity first arose and evolved and explore horticultural innovations in our region with Panayoti Kelaidis, Senior Curator & Director of Outreach at Denver Botanic Gardens.

    About Panayoti Kelaidis: 
    With years of experience as a plant explorer, gardener and public garden administrator, Panayoti Kelaidis has lectured in over 140 cities in twelve countries and has been published widely in popular and technical horticultural journals. His accomplishments include receiving the Liberty Hyde Bailey Award of the American Horticultural Society in 2009, the Boulder History Museum’s 60 Year Living History award in 2004, and the National Garden Clubs Medal of Honor in 2002

    Steppe: The Grasslands that Nurtured Humankind
    • 1750 13th Street
    • Boulder, CO 80302
    • to
    • Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
    • $12 / $8 members