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    The Secrets of Silverpoint Drawing




    Saturday, May 20, 10:00am-1:00pm
    $40 Teens | $55 Adults | $10 Materials Fee

    Learn the old master technique of silverpoint, an antique drawing medium that first flourished 500 years ago during the Renaissance and then virtually disappeared until recently. Silverpoint uses a stylus made of soft metal to draw on specially-prepared paper, and the resulting drawing will age as the metal tarnishes, giving silverpoint drawings a unique look and style. Tom Mazzullo will offer will offer an art-historical overview of the medium, and show students how to prepare paper, fashion their own tools from common materials, and then demonstrate techniques in applying the silverpoint to the paper using observational drawing skills, as was done by artists Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer. Students will be provided all materials, including silverpoint tools, preparation materials, a selection of papers, and still life objects to work from.

    Born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in 1968, Tom Mazzullo earned a BFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia in 1990, and an MFA from Syracuse University in 1993. He has exhibited in national competitions, in curated museum shows, and in professional and experimental galleries all over the United States. Learn more about Tom at

    Please note: Workshops MUST have a minimum of 5 people registered AT LEAST one week in advance in order to be held. In the event of insufficient pre-registration, the workshop will be cancelled and your registration will be refunded in full.

    The Secrets of Silverpoint Drawing