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    Visit the Goats!



    We are located at 3240 Broadway in Boulder on the Long’s Gardens iris farm property. DIRECTIONS:  If you are heading north on Broadway from Pearl Street, go past the North Boulder Rec Center.  Take a right at the light onto Iris.  Go one block and take a right on 13th Street.  13th Street will turn into a dirt road, this is our back driveway.  Look for signs for “goat parking” and park on your left.

    Call with questions! 518-605-8382

    Activities always include:

    Petting the goats and meeting the farmers

    A tour of the premises

    Activities may include:

    Bottle feeding baby goats (at noon)

    Walking the goats on leashes

    Watching a goat-milking demonstration

    Feeding the goats

    A hoof trimming demonstration

    Tasting milk

    A tour of our barn, pasture and milk processing facilities

    Moving the goats back to the barn

    Taking the goats to pasture

    A nature walk

    Visit the Goats!
    • 3240 Broadway
    • Boulder, CO 80304
    • to
    • Mountain Flower Goat Dairy
    • Donations Appreciated to help us keep our barn doors open...