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    "We Do:" Reclaimed Ikebana and Wood with Jean Hultkrans and Doug Felkley



    Jean is an award-winning artist with an unusual oeuvre: she combines ikebana, (the art of Japanese flower arranging), with lovely time-worn objects like antique books and stamps to create living works of incredible beauty and elegance. A 10-year student of ikebana studying the teachings of the Sogetsu School via Kalapa Ikebana in Boulder, Jean's work will make any breathing human swoon with its spare perfection.

    Jean's husband Doug creates art that shares a similar aesthetic in its spare elegance. He is a fine woodworker who often employs found woods into his custom furniture and carved wooden objects to create pieces that elicit a reverence for the natural materials.

    "We Do" displays this couples' art together in a serenely satisfying union of artistry. For the first time, they'll be collaborating on the theme of hearts to add a special touch to the show.

    Bricolage Gallery inside Art Parts is open Tuesday - Saturday, 10:30 - 5:30, and noon - 7pm Thursday.

    "We Do:" Reclaimed Ikebana and Wood with Jean Hultkrans and Doug Felkley
    • 2870 Bluff St.
    • Boulder, CO 80301
    • to
    • Art Parts Creative Reuse Center
    • free
    • Recurring every 5 days