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    Women Breaking Plates - Boulder Empowerment Party

    • Dates: May 18, 2019
    • Times: 6:00PM
    • Phone: (720) 309-4708
    • Admission: $38
    • Location:
      Crossfit Sanitas 2525 Arapahoe Ave
      Boulder, CO 80302


    After the huge success of our Los Angeles event we are ready to do it again!! This time around come as Your Superhero Self!

    Get your Early Bird Tickets today!

    Early Bird Tickets (before May 4th) - $38
    After May 4th (If available) - $48
    At the door (If available) $55

    6:00 - 6:30pm - Tribal drums to get the party started

    6:30 - 10:00 pm - Breaking Plates! (by throwing them at walls ) along with all of the other Transformation Stations

    (These plates represent our limiting beliefs, our old, unhealthy habits, our old ways of seeing ourselves, our old ways of how we let other people treat us, etc. These plates are whatever YOU want to let go of! We are shattering these strongholds!)
    DJ Kimberly St. John will be uplifting us with her empowering tunes!

    Wishgarden Herbs will be heading up our Herbal Elixir Bar!

    There will be 12 interactive stations that you are free to move about at will:

    Light It Up - Infuse Flash Paper with all of your limitations you want to let go of, and then set it on fire and watch it quickly disappear.

    Get It Out - Write your negative inner self-talk, or something mean someone said to you, onto a punching bag and punch it out. (A professional Boxing Coach leads this station)

    Break Free - Write what you want to break free from (habits, patterns, old emotions) onto a plate and then throw it at a wall and watch it shatter.
    Let It Go - Be led on a 3 minute visualization of releasing all the leftover, heavy energy and emotions into the ground. (Grounding Visualization/Meditation)

    You Are Supported - Enjoy a large area to relax with pillows all around you, to pull Goddess and Angel Cards. There will be women available that help you interpret the healing message of the cards.

    Love Yourself - Choose positive affirmations out of a basket and then say the affirmation to yourself while looking into a big mirror.

    Make A New Choice - Write your new choices, affirmations, intentions onto a piece of paper and either post it on a big art wall or drop it into an intention box. Your choice.

    Open To Receive - There will be 15 healers at the event that do 10 minute sessions on the women. (Bodywork, Essential Oils, Energy Work, Massage, etc.)

    Express Yourself - Enjoy a table of colorful paints to paint freely on 2 x 8 foot canvases. It’s a collaborative art piece.

    Nurture Yourself - An Herbal Elixir bar with at least 3 different and exciting non-alcoholic drinks and healthy snacks

    You Are Included - Volunteers say positive and uplifting words one-on-one with you and if desired the volunteer gives you a big, caring hug (Hugging Station)
    During the entire event - DJ Dance Party with the awesome DJ Kimberly St. John of The Electronic Music Alliance!

    We will have snacks and a complimentary champagne toast.

    One of the most common things we heard at the end of our last event was, "Please do this again so I can bring all my friends!"

    Women Breaking Plates - Boulder Empowerment Party