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    Shopping in Boulder

    Boulder's 5 Star Certified Businesses

    Looking for businesses that are going the extra mile when it comes to COVID-19 safety? The businesses below have earned 5 Star Certification from the state of Colorado, offering another level of assurance to customers.

    What Is 5 Star Certification?

    Colorado's 5 Star Certification program encourages businesses to implement safety measures beyond what is already required by public health orders and guidelines that will help slow the spread of COVID-19. In taking these additional safety measures, businesses that pass inspection can operate at higher capacities. Read More

    Enhanced Safety Measures

    Here are a few of the safety measures Boulder's 5 Star State Certified business must take to pass inspection and earn certification:

    • Meet ventilation requirements and/or complete ventilation improvements
    • Create special hours or accommodations for at-risk customers
    • Complete daily employee symptom and exposure checks
    • Screen customers for symptoms
    • Record customer information for contact tracing purposes
    • Mandate and enforce mask-wearing
    • Regularly sanitize high-touch surfaces
    • Maintain six-foot distancing (10 feet between tables for restaurants)
    • Learn More
    Are You a Boulder County Business Owner?

    You can learn more and apply for 5 Star Certification on the Boulder Chamber's website.

    Certified Boulder Businesses

    The following businesses have been inspected and have earned 5 Star Certification.