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    Brunch Like a Boulderite: High-Vibration Food Tour


    Operated By: Boulder Party Tours

    Let’s explore delicious, nutritious, conscious food, healthy living and Boulder's incredible model for community sustainability.
    Are you interested in exploring how consciously prepared plant-based diets and diets based on the humane treatment of animals can help raise your vibration and assist with a global transition to true sustainability? Are you curious about Boulder's incredible commitment to creating a sustainable food industry, and the benefits and viability of eating farm-raised food, vegetarian or even raw vegan cuisine? Then you've come to the right town, and the right tour!
    INTRO to our Brunch Tour
    Vegans, vegetarians and curious lovers of great food rejoice. This delicious and nutritious tour of downtown Boulder's finest is for you! Boulder is a true gem when it comes to lovingly made, healthy food. As a true foodie who longs to learn more about, and explore some of Boulder’s amazing cuisine options, services and resources, you’ll join like-minded souls on this uniquely relaxing, delicious and insightful 2.5 hour tour.

    Together we’ll
    • Explore (and taste test) delicious foods & drinks made with love and intention at several downtown locations.
    • Experience "slow-food" cooking at its best.
    • Taste locally sourced food and savor the flavors!
    • Discuss key topics such as organic vs. non-organic, GMOs, the potential benefits of eating gluten-free and the role food plays in raising your vibration.
    • Learn about the power of farm fresh, local food and Boulder's commitment to making it available to everyone.
    ABOUT our Brunch Tour:
    Boulder is an epicenter for healthy, delicious food made consciously - with love and intention. On this unique brunch tour, you'll
    • Enjoy a variety of delicious and nutritious food samples that will blow your mind and taste buds
    • Meet some of the people at the forefront of this food revolution
    • Enjoy exclusive discounts on food and drink options here in Boulder
    • Learn how the Boulder community is leading the way in food sustainability
    • See the sights & meet the experts - talented, creative chefs with a mission.
    • Learn about and sampling organic, locally made products
    • Taste the goodness, and experience holistic wellness like never before.
    • Explore plant-based diets and how they can help raise your vibration
    The phrase, “You are what you eat” has never been more meaningful or important to the future of your health and wellness.