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    Dao House Stables


    Dao House Stables
    Looking for horseback riding or horse lodging near Boulder? Check out Dao House Stables for the Equestrian experience...

    Horses are magnificent, empathetic creatures that reflect the emotions of the people around them and so are helpful partners in healing and personal growth; work with a horse and one of our wranglers to attain your goals.

    In a number of sessions you will work with a horse and a wrangler who will talk you through a series of exercises designed to create an unexpected and rewarding bond between you and your horse. Through this work, you will learn to communicate with the horse rather than to command it, in the meantime learning a lot about yourself and opening the door for personal growth and healing.

    The horse you work with depends on its personality and yours – each horse has its own personality, just as humans do. Before sessions begin you and your horse will have time to find each other rather than being assigned. Complementary personalities between human and horse will augment the special bond created through exercises and craft lasting memories and lessons from which to draw on for years to come.