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    Earth Yoga Boulder


    Our Aim.
    That was the very phrase that inspired the concept of the studio.

    There is so much noise. There is so much divisiveness in nearly every aspect of the world, every race, every religion, every industry, every community, every… every… everything it seems.

    We felt that if we welcomed each student and opened each class with, “Welcome to Earth….” we could at least be a small part of the positive change making that the entire world desperately needs. We, us, you included, can be part of making us all “earthlings” rather than labels, biases, and stereotypes that divide us.

    We certainly do not think we can fix it all with a collective of downward dog doers, but we aim to create a community of thought benders who live yoga on and off the mat in their various worlds who activate and radiate something… like… a shift.

    Earth, our collective vision is the home of Inspired Day-to-Day Yoga Classes and the Yoga School of Embodied Poetics, a system of education for the deepening practitioner and the Yoga Teacher. This is the perfect place to sit in your own skin, feel the beauty of your nature, and evolve the courage it takes to become the YOU… You have always known you innately ARE.

    In a constant process of wobbly and real evolution, continued study, and revolutionary execution of a deeply practiced, fully embodied, and transmittable methodology and related bodies of work; Founder Shannon Paige and her staff of teachers strive to tune, teach, and transmit various styles within the Embody Method. This method moves the students’ mental, emotional and physical awareness from simple stabilizing actions into ever evolving complex forms and sequences to unfold meaning, confident and stable expression, and positive change.

    The Embody Method has given way to the School of Embodied Poetics which is the home to several related bodies of work: Anjali Restorative Yoga, Shanti Shakti: Integrative Slow Flow, and Bala Therapeutic Yoga.

    In order to give us the ability to reach as many inspired students and practitioners as possible we must give our school a stable and solid home. That is why we have sought to set down roots and create EARTH.

    EARTH is not simply a yoga studio; it is a place where every yoga student, practitioner, seeker, and aspiring teacher is invited to explore the melding of science and ancient wisdom traditions with the fullness of embodied poetry.

    YOU are part of this vision. Welcome to Earth.