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    • 10069 N 65th St
      Longmont, CO 80503
    • (508) 939-1065


    EquusLibere is a Boulder, CO-based equine facilitated learning organization offering Equine Facilitated Coaching, Leadership Development, and Transformational Learning Experiences for individuals, groups, and organizations.

    EquusLibere is owned and operated by Bridgit Wald, a coach, organizational development consultant, and equine facilitated learning specialist who facilitates programs in Colorado, across the U.S, and abroad.

    Our Facility:

    Our home facility is Wildsong Ranch, a 45-acre natural horse boarding and retreat facility in Longmont, CO. Wildsong is 25 minutes North of downtown Boulder and can support groups up to 40 participants. It has the following features that make it perfect for year-round use:
    Outdoor and heated indoor arenas
    Heated lounge, workshop spaces (with projectors), and a kitchenette
    Gardens and walking spaces for guided experiences and contemplation

    EquusLibere Services:


    EquusLibere Discovery Experiences are custom-designed experiential processes for individuals, families, and groups looking to merge equine-guided personal and leadership development with other modes of inquiry and expression including mindfulness practices, movement, and the creative arts.

    Experiences are designed to be joyful, insightful opportunities to discover equine-facilitated learning and deepen how participants relate to themselves, others, and horses. Each session is uniquely created around topics meaningful to participants and desired areas of exploration with the horses. Appropriate for all ages 6+.

    (1.5-4 hours)


    We custom curate leadership development sessions for organizational teams looking to work together to develop new behaviors and a shared language that enable them to strengthen performance, achieve goals, and create their desired organizational culture. Together, you accomplish tasks that require communication, cooperation, and the ability to draw on all of your team members' resources. The result is more flexible teams that embrace and respond to new and unpredictable challenges with greater ease.

    Individual team members develop their emotional intelligence, decision-making skills, and other leadership capacities. They also learn to magnify presence, impact, and influence as well as will identify blind spots and obstacles to powerful leadership. Immediate and actionable feedback facilitates the integration of new leadership styles and behaviors in real-time.

    Programs are customized to the specific needs of the team and often involve repeated team sessions along with integration coaching outside of the arena.


    EquusLibere custom curates transformative equine facilitated learning workshops and retreats around individual, group, and organizational needs and objectives. Half-day, day-long, and multi-day programs are available and are often followed by several months of coaching to support integration and achievement of desired outcomes. Equine Facilitated learning is often built into coaching and consulting initiatives outside of the arena in order to support wider organizational change processes.


    Please contact us for a complimentary consultation and pricing options.
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