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    Hogback Distillery


    Hogback is a micro distillery, started in 2016 in the city of Wheat Ridge, just west of Denver. With a pair of 265-gallon copper Alembic stills from Portugal we were truly small and somewhat limited. Then the opportunity arose to utilize the much larger still at Vapor Distillery in Boulder, and in 2019, we relocated next door to them. Using their 1300 gallon copper pot still from Scotland, and their equally larger mash tun and fermenters, we can now make whisky at quadruple the rate. That said, we are still very much a micro operation.

    We would be delighted to see you at our distillery and to show you how we make our whiskey. And of course, to provide the opportunity to sample and purchase from our range. Whether your interested in our free tour and tasting, or a private experience, please email us at: or call 720-263-0313.