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    MossDeep Brewing Company


    2020 Important Info:

    We are OPEN!

    Thur/Fri 4pm–9pm
    Sat/Sun 12pm–9pm

    Closed Mon-Wed

    We’ve been wanting to start a brewery that really captures our interests as nerds that is all inclusive no matter what your fandom. Our high fantasy themed brewery is here to bring the feeling of being whoever and enjoying whatever you want to the people that deserve it most.

    Please, come drink our beer and be part of our community.

    Also if you want to dress up, you know, we might do something for you.

    Due to current COVID-19 conditions, our maximum capacity is 10 people, and up to 8 people may sit together as long as they arrived as a group. Everyone must enter with a mask and wear it if the must leave their chair for some reason, but you are free not to as you enjoy your drink. Sorry for the inconvenience, we’re just trying to get through it all too.