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    Mountain Bike with Epic South Boulder Views and History


    Operated By: Boulder Area Bicycle Adventures


    Located south of picturesque Boulder on this beautifully (and thankfully) well-preserved open space area, you can sum up this network of trails against the backdrop of the majestic Eldorado Springs Canyon in one word: Spectacular!  This loop, which recently added even more miles of great single and double-track, is challenging in parts without being too restrictive to the beginner to advanced-beginner trail rider.

    This area was home to some of the first miners in the region in the quaint town of Marshall, has an amazing geological history, and the beauty of its surrounding creeks, hills, and valleys will stun you.

    We offer two ride options: A shorter loop for the leery, beginner rider, and a wider, longer, hillier loop for those who love to spend lots of time outside on the trails, to take in enough to satisfy their need for speed, variety, climbing/descending, and encounters with diverse wildlife (not all of which are mammals!)