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    Mystery Box ltd


    Enter if you dare! 60 minutes to escape! Do you have what it takes?

    If you like thrills, mystery, and adventure then you're at the right place! Come on down to Mystery Box’s Boulder Escape Room and experience the real life adventure game that is sweeping the nation. Find clues, discover secret passage ways, and work together to escape Mystery Box’s Boulder Escape Room!

    Our escape room in Boulder, CO is designed to challenge your mind, build team skills, and develop new mental capabilities you never thought possible.

    Our escape rooms were built from the ground up with originality in mind. Unlike typical escape games where the door you enter is the door you exit; we take a different approach. At The Mystery Box ltd you will have to find your way through multiple doors, secret passage ways, and yes... cell bars!

    What to bring - Bring yourself and your brain

    What is the object of the game - To escape

    Rules - No use of cell phones

    Time limit - 1 hour

    You are really locked in the game though you will be constantly monitored through video surveillance in case of emergencies.

    You will be locked in with random people if you do not reserve all 8 tickets for your game.