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    Native Foods Cafe

    • 1675 29th Street
      Boulder, CO 80301
    • (303) 442-0213

    Hours: 11:00am - 8:00pm daily

    Native Foods Cafe is a vegan restaurant designed to meet the needs of today's discriminating, health-conscious diners looking for great-tasting food... both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Native Foods was founded 17 years ago by acclaimed vegan chef Tanya Petrovna. Author of two cookbooks (and working on a third!), Chef Tanya has been featured on the Food Network, in many publications and has made many TV and radio appearances. Native Foods Café is her vision and she works full-time as Executive Chef. Chef Tanya's roots are firmly grounded in the culinary world. Chef Tanya was raised in a gourmet household and she helped her father at catering events as a teenager. In her family, mealtime was a celebration of taste, texture and companionship, which always began in the backyard garden. Family vacations were global explorations of food and culture, visiting relatives in far off lands and discovering ethnic flavors and traditions. Her idea for a vegetarian restaurant came to her at a very young age. After developing a lifelong bond with her cat Muchka at a very young age, Tanya then met (and pet!) a dairy cow on a family vacation which forever changed her perspective on animals. She loves them! So Tanya's quest began: how to maintain a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet using 100% plant-based foods. Well, much to Tanya's delight, she learned that contrary to the fears and concerns of some people, it's not only possible to live a healthy vegetarian lifestyle, but it's also healthier for the planet as well as its people. The result is Native Foods Café, which serves delicious, healthy, fun food that honors the environment and harms not a single animal in the making. Chef-crafted is Tanya's mantra: fresh foods using organic and local ingredients whenever possible. Everything on Chef Tanya’s menu is made fresh from scratch everyday.... from the seitan to the sauces and desserts, and even the tempeh! Her vision: share the flavor and love with the world--both vegans and non-vegans alike! Since her first Palm Springs restaurant opening in 1994, Chef Tanya is still serving delicious vegan meals to vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, locavores, anyavores and other taste and health conscious patrons.