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    Relax and Breathe Easy with Salt Therapy


    Operated By: Salt of The Earth

    Welcome to Salt of the Earth, a holistic relaxation and rejuvenation center. Breathe deep and discover our salt therapy, an all-natural wellness treatment more than 100 years old. While you relax, salt air delivers relief from respiratory and skin conditions ranging from asthma and allergies to acne and psoriasis. Athletes and healthy individuals also benefit from improved respiratory endurance, ease from anxiety and an overall relaxed, elevated mood. Salt therapy is affordable, non-invasive and safe for all ages. Owner Pamela Martyna has used this treatment, and it has helped her chronic asthma so tremendously that she wanted to provide a treatment and healing center for others.

    Our top of the line Salt Chamber Halo Grinder is the best in class. It will stop working immediately if it detects any type of foreign particle, ensuring your visit is pure and natural!