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    Stretch and Sip with Brewhouse Yoga at Sanitas Brewing Company


    Operated By: All Terrain Yoga

    Brewhouse Yoga challenges our default settings and incorporates balance and mindfulness in the most unlikely of places. Practicing yoga on a mat in a pristine, climate-controlled room is awesome… but does it really prepare us to connect to our authentic selves in the world? When we are driving in traffic, helping kids with homework, or enjoying a night on the town with our friends? Don’t get me wrong, I think studio classes are wonderful, but I think “extracurricular” yoga can bring more depth, relevance and FUN to our yoga practice– and our lives.

    I aim to remove obstacles and make the yoga mat a bit more inviting and accessible for everyone. Yoga has helped me to connect more authentically and effectively in every area of my life, and I truly feel that when we start seeing yoga everywhere, the benefits are infinite.

    Perhaps even more important is the opportunity to connect after class — to get to know the people we’re practicing with. Many of our brewhouse students are new to yoga or new to town. So often, in traditional yoga classes, we are rushing in and rushing out. We don’t have time to stop and make connections with the people on the mats around us. When we stick around for a beer, we have the chance!

    So come join us on Tuesday nights at the Sanitas Brewing Company (3550 Frontier Ave, Boulder, CO). Breathe, laugh, and nurture yourself on the mat, then breathe, laugh and nurture yourself over a beer in the tap room. Whether we realize it or not, the skill sets are the same.

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