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    Walking Tour of Must-See Boulder + Museum of Boulder Admission


    Operated by: Boulder Party Tours

    This tour has been created and curated in partnership with the Museum of Boulder.
    This unique downtown walking tour features and celebrates the museums' permanent exhibit,"The Boulder Experience". Choose a date & book a good time!

    Bring Boulder to life on this very special walking tour.

    Join us on this special journey to some of Boulder's "MUST SEE" places and spaces and learn what made, and continues to make Boulder one of the most highly coveted towns in America. Whether you're a curious visitor, or prospective new-comer, you'll fall more deeply in love with the places, people and dedication to quality of life unique to this happy community.
    INTRO to our Tour:
    Join us for this fun and insightful walking tour of downtown Boulder's historic (and not so historic) spaces, places and hidden gems where you'll

    Learn about
    • Iconic, exclusive Boulder - landmarks & must-sees
    • Our Native American roots
    • Early Boulder settlers and their contributions
    • Progressive movements and historic firsts
    • Boulder as a music and entertainment mecca
    • Religion, spirituality and our ever-present hippie culture.
    • Boulder's leadership in Science, Tech & Education
    • Our dedication to Visual & Public Art
    • Boulder's passion for outdoor sports, athletics and preservation of our beautiful open spaces and mountain parks.
    **** Your ticket also includes one free re-admission to the Museum of Boulder to enjoy at your convenience!
    ABOUT this Tour:
    Are you a fan of Boulder? Wait until you take this insider's tour and get to know Boulder from a completely unique perspective. You'll surely fall in love.... just like the rest of us!
    • This exclusive outdoor walking tour was created in partnership with the Museum of Boulder to celebrate its permanent exhibit, The Boulder Experience. Go beyond the Museum walls in this interactive exploration of Boulder's past and present!
    • Explore iconic Boulder stories and places during this two hour and a half tour of downtown Boulder.
    • Find out what makes Boulder, Boulder and how the city's historical values are expressed today.
    • What are the historical roots behind Boulder's booming natural foods industry? Or its vibrant tech scene and Olympic winning athletes?
    • Continue the experience and bring it full circle. This downtown walking tour also includes 1 free re-admission ticket to the Museum of Boulder.