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    Whole Sol - Twenty Ninth Street Mall

    • 1810 29th St #1087
      Boulder, CO 80301
    • 303-209-7477

    Hours: 7:00AM - 7:00PM daily


    Whole Sol serves 100% organic, next-level smoothie bols, cold-pressed juice, and superfood breakfast bliss. We've poured our heart and sol into designing, curating, and serving a menu that will power you, inspire you, and fuel you every day. Since our deepest passion is wellness, it's our job to whip up beautiful creations that will make you feel unstoppable - like you can do anything - move mountains, blast into space, or just plain KILL IT today.

    Our signature bols are handcrafted to supercharge your sol. Try our OG bol, with a 100% pure acai, banana & coconut water base, topped with banana, strawberry, chia pudding, granola, & drizzled with Manuka honey. Or our PB&J bol, our take on the best combo of all time. Our summer seasonal bols will include the Bol 300, a mango-turmeric base, topped with banana, berries, coconut, crystallized ginger, granola, & grated turmeric, and the Watermelon Basil Mojito Bol, with a watermelon lime base, topped with salted pistachios, buckwheat groats, & fresh basil.