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    B-Cycle Kiosk

    Boulder Green Media Kit

    Real people and everyday stories make your articles come alive.  We can connect you with folks who can put a face to your story.  Folks who are experts in climate change, renewable energy and healthy living and everything else green.

    We have photo-ready demonstrations of a wide variety of sustainable and environmental practices that serve as model programs all over the country.

    We can also connect you with first-hand experiences. Stay at a zero-waste hotel, or hike (or bike) and hear about our 43,000 acres of preserved land, or meet a scientist who won the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore on climate change.  Or you could get a private tour of the largest farmers' market in the state or tour a solar home.

    Whether you're on assignment in town, or surfing the web for inspiring green stories, you've landed at the right place. Working with the city of Boulder, Boulder County and Boulder's federal labs, this Boulder Green Media Kit is comprehensive and designed to get you the information and the experts you need.  Fast. It covers everything about Boulder being green...

    Remember, Boulder is just 30 minutes from downtown Denver. It's an easy drive or bus ride right to our doorstep. Give us a call!

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