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    Healthy Living

    The largest concentration of natural and organic products companies in the U.S. is found in Boulder. Companies such as the hugely successful Wild Oats Markets Inc. (recently purchased by Whole Foods), Hain-Celestial Seasonings, Izze Beverage Co., WhiteWave Foods (maker of Silk Soymilk and Horizon Organic dairy products), and new start-ups like Pixie Mate, Pangea Organics and Fiona’s Granola. Boulder also has the highest per capita consumption of organic foods in North America, according to the Intl. Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. Expert: Kim Farin Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau 303-938-2066

    Naturally Boulder Products

    The Boulder facility of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recycles a host of materials daily and uses green cleaning products and recycled paper goods wherever possible. Native plants that require little water fill the landscaping. Fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides used on NOAA’s site are environmentally friendly. Expert: Anatta, 303-497-6288

    Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS)

    LOHAS is focused on health and fitness, the environment, personal development, sustainable living, and social justice. It’s for people who try to choose organic foods, healthier foods, shop ethically and ecofriendly, use fewer resources, recycle almost everything, and try to take public transportation. The annual LOHAS conference takes place this year in Boulder. Expert: Kim Farin Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau 303-938-2066 LOHAS Nexus magazine

    The NOAA Boulder work life represents the Colorado healthy lifestyle culture in almost every way. Staff members enjoy the convenience of a workout room with up-to-date equipment and free noontime fitness classes. An onsite nursing station provides massages, smoking cessation programs, individual therapy sessions, and other healthy-lifestyle services. Trails winding up to Boulder’s signature Flatirons Mountains offer opportunities for lunchtime runs. A large bicycle- only garage encourages staff members to use their daily commute for exercise and fun. Expert: Anatta, 303-497-6288

    Retail Stores

    Boulder is full of shops that support a healthy, active lifestyle. Patagonia, REI, Title Nine, Whole Foods, MontBell, RockyMounts, The Boulder Running Company (the best running store in the country), Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary, University Bikes, Om Time - all the places that locals and visitors need to sustain Boulder’s distinctive lifestyle. Not only do the shops support the lifestyle, but some of them even support Mother Earth. The Boulder REI store is a prototype for green building. The Pearl Street Mall has solar Wi-Fi and most of the shops are wind powered. Expert: Kim Farin Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau 303-938-2066

    Merchants within the University Hill Commercial District, or "the Hill", understand that going green is good for our environment and provides a competitive advantage in attracting and maintaining business customers. Six Hill restaurants are already reaping the rewards of composting all food waste, service containers and utensils. Experts: Lane Landrith, City of Boulder 303-413-7316 OR Bill Shrum, 303-447-0504

    Farmers’ Market/Agritourism

    The Boulder Farmers’ Market was ranked #6 in the “Top 10 Farmers’ Markets” by EatingWell magazine in August 2007. The outdoor market is the largest in the state. It is also the place to sit, watch the locals, and enjoy a meal prepared by a local chef. There are 70 organizations in Boulder – farms, dairies, ranches, markets, restaurants – that embrace the idea of local, seasonal, artisanal cooking. Foods such as vegetables, fruits, gourmet cheeses, wines, free range chicken and lambs are grown and raised here. Expert: Kim Farin Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau 303-938-2066


    There are over 70 Olympians living in Boulder County. They are drawn to the area because of the altitude, the number of running and cycling trails and the supportive athletic culture. The town was rated the top “Dream Town” by Outside magazine; best city for cycling by Bicycling magazine; and the top Triathlon Town by Inside Triathlon magazine. The pro cycling team, with Tour de France racers, Team Slipstream, is based in Boulder. Marathoners from around the world come here to train. The world’s first carbon neutral soccer team is based in Boulder. The world’s best rock climbers come to Eldorado Canyon State Park to climb the sheer walls. Expert: Kim Farin Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau 303-938-2066

    Bicycling is so highly regarded in Boulder that sometimes the city plows the Boulder Creek bike path before they plow the streets!

    City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks has 130 miles of trails used by walkers, hikers, bicyclists, horseback riders, dog walkers and other passive recreational uses, such as nature study and photography. Expert: Julie Johnson, city of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks Department, 303-441-3440 Trail Information/Maps

    Boulder County offers more than 90 miles of trails. In addition to providing and maintaining both soft-surface and paved multi-use trails, Boulder County has a strong on-street bikeway and shoulder-improvement program. The Boulder County Regional Trails program is a multi-year effort to plan, design and construct a series of eight soft-surface multi-use trails that connect communities within Boulder County. The Transportation Department focuses its trail planning and development on regional trails that are multi-use and serve as both transportation and recreational corridors. Expert: Tim Swope, Alternative Transportation Coordinator, 720-564-2658


    The city of Boulder is committed to promoting goodwill and mutual respect among its various communities and condemns racism, bigotry, harassment and discrimination. The city is committed to developing mechanisms that ensure rapid response to bias motivated incidents, as well as ongoing effective engagement with community groups. In 2006, the Boulder City Council approved funding for an anti-bias hotline and the creation of an anti-bias policy. In 2007 the council increased the maximum fine for bias motivated crimes to $2,000. Expert: Carmen Atilano, City of Boulder’s Office of Human Rights, 303-441-3141 Office of Human Rights

    Boulder County’s guiding values state, “we are a caring county government that values and respects diversity and builds on the strengths of individual employees, the organization and the community” and “we value and provide opportunities for citizens to actively participate in partnerships that enhance and enrich government services.” Numerous county programs exist to serve, and/or empower diverse populations. In addition, the County supports more than 60 local nonprofits that help serve diverse communities throughout the county. Internally, the Boulder County Commissioners’ Office is home to the Diversity Liaison, who coordinates internal diversity awareness and trainings and who works with the community to communicate and respond to concerns of residents around diversity issues. Expert: Pete Salas, Diversity Liaison, 303-441-4574 

    Tours (great for kids,too)

    Learn about Boulder’s wide open spaces, our mountains and the gorgeous hiking trails. A short guided walk is easy and the trail is well maintained. Lots of photographic opportunities. Expert: Julie Johnson, City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks Department, 303-441-3440 Trail Information/Maps

    Take a guided tour of the Boulder’s Farmers’ Market, a goat dairy, or Pangea, the fastest growing organic skincare line in the world. Check out REI’s greenest store in the country or our favorite wind-powered shops on the Pearl Street Mall. Or visit one of the community gardens to learn about sustainable gardening or a solar home to learn about the innovations and viability.

    Tour the factory at Celestial Seasonings and see leaves turned into tea and tea turned into teabags. Smell the mint in the mint room (you won’t forget it). Some say this was the origin of Boulder becoming the epicenter of the natural products industry.

    There is an abundance of lively and energetic people in our town with vibrant stories to tell. We can connect you with just the right person or place. Expert: Kim Farin Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau 303-938-2066