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    Mountain Biking

    Boulder On Two Wheels

    Riding a bike is a fun way to see Boulder and experience the town like a local. Boulder is relatively small and compact with bike paths and lanes everywhere. It's mostly flat which makes it easy to bike around town with shops that rent cruiser bikes or fast racing bikes for an hour or a day. Even though Boulder is home to passionate cyclists such as Olympic bike racers and the International Mountain Bicycling Association, the opportunities to see Boulder by bike are plentiful with easy urban trails for carefree cruising or hard-core mountain trails for gnarly riding. 

    Valmont Bike Park

    The largest free urban bike park in America opened in Boulder in 2011. Valmont Bike Park is a 40-acre off-road bike park with competition-grade cyclo-cross racing trails, big dirt jumps, dual slalom tracks, pump tracks and slope-style trails. That's equivalent to the size of 30 football fields of off-road cycling for all levels of riders. Family-friendly features include a trike track, a learning loop, a kids' play area and restrooms. Plus, it's accessible from a number of the city's bike trails.

    Rentals and Tours 

    There are a handful of outfitters in town that offer bicycling tours. From two-hour tours around the picturesque downtown area to full day adventures in the mountains — on road bikes or mountain bikes — there is an outfitter for every level of cyclist. There are four bike rental shops in town and most of them are located near hotel rooms. Pick up a map and have some fun.

    The Boulder Creek Bike Path 

    This is the premier cruiser ride in town. The Boulder Creek Path meanders for five miles along the scenic and gentle Boulder Creek that runs right through Boulder's historic district. Some of it is paved, some is dirt and there are spots for picnics, wading, tubing and strolling. 

    A City Designed for Bicyclists  

    There are more than 300 miles dedicated to bikeways (bike lanes, routes, designated shoulders, and paths). In Boulder, bicyclists are the norm and seen everywhere, and automobile drivers are used to bikes and respectful of them. Surprisingly, 90% of Boulder's arterial streets have bike lanes or trails on them and there are 76 underpasses along the bikeways, which means that bicyclists avoid intersections and traffic lights. Plus, every single bus in town has a bike rack designed to haul bikes. It is a true statement that there are almost as many bikes in town as there are cars. 


    One particularly legendary ride is the Morgul-Bismark, a 13-mile loop located south of Boulder that includes "the wall." The Morgul-Bismark was featured in the 1985 bicycling movie, American Flyers, starring Kevin Costner. It is still today, considered a classic American road-bike ride.   

    Boulder B-cycle 

    America's burgeoning bike sharing movement is alive and well in Boulder. Visitors and residents of this famously cycling-friendly city have access to B-cycle bikes spread strategically throughout the city's commercial corridor. Users need only buy a membership online or purchase a 24-hour pass at any B-station, then grab a bike and go. When done, simply re-dock the bike at any of the conveniently located B-stations and go on with your day.

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