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Boulder Lodging Partnership Meeting Incentive Program

Program: The Boulder CVB has reserved funds to off-set meeting related costs for groups booking and holding their meeting or conference between October and May within the city of Boulder. This must be a need time for lodging properties and not coincide with special events within the city. The group must be considering another destination or lodging property outside of the city of Boulder to be approved. Each group applicant will be evaluated based on dates, total room nights, estimated economic impact, competitive destinations or lodging properties and overall positive impact on the lodging partner and the city of Boulder.

Goal: The goal of this program is to provide a competitive advantage for our Boulder lodging partners when competing against multiple destinations and lodging properties for group business. The funds will be utilized to assist in generating and increasing lodging revenue and city taxes.

Strategy: The CVB is creating an online form where sales staff can provide the meeting or conference details, along with the specific criteria for CVB evaluation. The Boulder CVB will continue to communicate the program to our lodging partners throughout the year.

Action Step: Share the CVB Meeting Incentive program with your sales staff. Boulder lodging sales professionals should be aware of this initiative and process in order to take advantage of the program.

The Boulder CVB has limited funding for this program each year; therefore all group applicants will not be approved for funding.

  • The funding amount will be based on estimated economic impact.
  • Once the CVB approves the group application, the lodging sales contact will be notified of the funding amount.
  • The payment will not be made until the conclusion of the meeting or conference.
  • Actual pick-up and revenue must be documented and received by the CVB prior to payment (Provided within seven days of the conclusion of the event.)
  • Payment will be made directly to the client to off-set meeting related expenses.


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