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    University of Colorado Boulder and the Flatirons

    The Solar and Cleantech
    Industries in Boulder

    Maybe it's because Boulder's ponderosa pine forests and wildflower meadows are never far from sight, but Boulder's been a leader in sustainable, renewable and energy-efficient technologies for decades. In fact, Boulder is home to a whopping 292 cleantech companies. For companies and organizations that are bringing together groups in the environmental, solar or cleantech industries, it's a breath of fresh air to meet in a place that walks the talk. 

    "I’ll be a working moderate income socially conscious Boulder hippie!
    Ride home on my mountain bike,
    Just in time to turn on my solar powered growing lights.”
    —Jam band Leftover Salmon

    Solar and Cleantech Companies Based in Boulder

    Namaste Solar Boulder Juwi Boulder Gravity Boulder Siemens Boulder Tendril Boulder

    Here are just a few of the solar and cleantech companies* that have made a name for themselves here in sunny Boulder.

    • Cool Energy
    • Genesis Biofuel Inc.
    • Gravity Renewables
    • juwi Solar
    • juwi Wind
    • Namasté Solar
    • OPX Biotechnologies
    • Siemens Power Generation
    • Tendril Networks
    • Navigant Consulting

    *Source: Boulder Economic Council

    Groups That Have Held Meetings in Boulder

    The following groups have held their meeting or event here in Boulder.

    • ESource Boot Camp 
    • Suez Analytical Instruments' GE Analytical Instruments Meeting 
    • Emerson Micro Motion's Emerson Flow Solutions Global Supplier Summit 
    • Solar Heliospheric and Interplanetary Environment
    • American Meteorological Society's Conference on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography
    • Gravitational Wave Metrology Workshop
    • Weather Research and Forecasting Model and The Model for Prediction Across Scales (Atmospheric)
    • Water Isotope and Climate Workshop
    • Regenerative Earth Summit
    • National Atmospheric Deposition Program
    • National Ecological Observatory Network, Environmental Data Science Inclusion Network

    Your Group in Boulder

    Solar and cleantech groups have a chance to connect with their industry peers in Boulder, where the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and National Center for National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are based. We have venues that will feed your group's energy — plus outdoor activities steps from their hotel door. Find some great ideas for group outdoor recreation.

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