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    Local Delivery With Nosh

    Order Local. Skip the Delivery Fees.

    Craving delivery tonight? Order through Nosh Boulder and the City of Boulder will pay the restaurant's delivery fees —
    and now your delivery fees, too!

    Also, get 10% of your first order ($25 minimum order with code NOSHCITY*).
    You'll save, your favorite restaurant saves, and you get to eat yummy food in the comfort of your home!

    Free delivery with Nosh Boulder extended while subsidy funding lasts (anticipated through January 31, 2021).


    The City of Boulder is using CARES Act funds to pay customer delivery fees and to offset restaurants' delivery fees 
    to help keep them in business when you order via Nosh Boulder. It's all part of the City's Restaurant S.O.S. program, which partners with Nosh Boulder to alleviate delivery costs.

    It's the easiest way to save some cash and support your favorite local restaurants while enjoying the food you love at home.

    About Nosh 
    Nosh is the fruit of local independent Boulder restaurant owners who banded together to create their own food delivery service. Collectively owned by the restaurants, Nosh Boulder has three goals: keep food delivery economically sustainable for local restaurants, focus on excellence in customer service and support the local economy by keeping more Boulder dollars local.

    Woman prepping to-go containers at Oak at Fourteenth

    Boulder restaurant owners! Want to participate in the Nosh delivery service? Restaurants can sign up here.
    Read FAQs about the Restaurant S.O.S. program.

    RestaurantS, Sign Up Here

    Bowl from the Flower Child in Boulder

    Getting Hungry?

    Yeah, us too. Order delivery now to get free delivery
    and feel good knowing you're helping our local eateries survive these challenging times.

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