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    The Sink

    5 Top Spots to Nurse a Hangover

    A night of overindulgence is no match for the remedy of good, greasy food at these five dependable Boulder joints. This is hangover food to the next level.

    The Buff

    The vibe: Boulder has a special fondness for breakfast at The Buff, where the waiters wear t-shirts that read “Eat in the Buff.” A wall of clocks set to 4:20 sets a playful tone, and weekend crowds line up for heaping plates of flapjacks, hashbrowns and scrambles.

    The dish: Go for the American skillet, with potatoes and melty cheddar.

    Village Coffee Shop

    The vibe: For 46 years, the Village Coffee Shop has brought hoards of college kids back from the brink every weekend, thanks to the crispiest hashbrowns around, fluffy scrambled eggs and hearty pancakes.

    The dish: Tuck into a steaming plate of biscuits and gravy or the hickory-smoked ham with two country-fresh eggs.

    Dark Horse

    The vibe: Bustling bar by night, the Dark Horse is an ultra-chill burger joint by day, with a nice, dark interior and plenty of tchotchkes on the wall if you need to zone out and stare at something while you recover.

    The dish: Folks swear by the Jiffy Burger (peanut butter, bacon and provolone) for its hangover-curing powers.

    The Sink

    The vibe: With graffiti on every bit of exposed wall and ceiling, The Sink won’t judge you for your disheveled, morning-after appearance. Bring a marker and work out your regrets from the night before by expressing yourself on the walls.

    The dish: Cheesy bread and an “ugly-crust” pizza (the Slaughterhouse 5 or Buddha Basil being top faves) are just the ticket to a full recovery.

    Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery (temporarily closed)

    The vibe: A sunny interior, friendly servers and a bohemian feel of good ol' Mountain Sun will put you at ease. Just hide yourself away in one of the tall booths, and order up whatever sounds good. If believe in "hair of the dog," the Sun's house brews are on point.

    The dish: It might make you feel like a kid again, but the grilled cheese is buttery on the outside and gooey on the inside and will soothe all your hangover cures away.