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    Curry n Kebob

    5 Spots to Eat Around the World in Boulder 

    Today Korea, tomorrow Argentina. World cuisines are right at home in worldly Boulder, and you’re welcomed to journey across town to dozens of international dining spots. If you’re looking for a starting place, these five will get your taste buds traveling. 

    A Cup of Peace

    The vibe: Behind the unassuming storefront, A Cup of Peace owner Ki Kim calls up ancient Korean traditions, ingredients and recipes to craft health-focused teas and natural and organic Korean food with plenty of vegan and gluten-free options

    The dish: If you need a boost, try Kim’s signature Organic Multi Grain Energy Shake, and definitely don’t miss the dup bob — your choice of protein with an incredible Korean barbecue sauce.

    Curry n Kebab

    The vibe: Fragrant curries simmer and waft from the kitchen in Curry n Kebab’s casual, self-serve café with a loyal following and a big lunch crowd.

    The dish: All your favorites are here — korma, saag, tandoori — and everything is good. We especially love the malai kofta (vegetable dumplings in a rich sauce).

    Rincon Argentino

    The vibe: This tiny quick-stop joint is warmed by the giant ovens working overtime to heat up empanadas — savory little pastry pockets filled with cheeses, meats and veggies spiced with Argentinian flair.

    The dish: Try Rincon Argentino's choclo (corn) and the pollo picante (spicy chicken). Be sure to ask for dipping sauces to accompany the steaming-hot empanadas.

    Izakaya Amu

    The vibe: A favorite with local chefs, Amu is the more serious sister restaurant of the boisterous Sushi Zanmai next door. Here, be prepared to remove your shoes, have a seat in a tea room and be served exquisite traditional Japanese fare.

    The dish: The yakiniku (thinly sliced BBQ) served on sizzling onions is to die for, as is the seared eggplant with yuzu-infused miso sauce and burdock-root chips.

    Black Pepper Pho

    The vibe: Tucked into a row of retail shops near downtown, Black Pepper Pho is very casual and just right for a nourishing, I-can’t-stop-eating-this! lunch. The seasonings are heavenly and the toppings ultra-fresh.

    The dish: There are seven pho options (pho is a brothy Vietnamese noodle soup), including vegetarian and the House Noodle Soup, which has beef broth, roast pork, meatballs and quail eggs.