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    Pearl Street

    Dave Query of the Big Red F Restaurant Group

    Dave QueryDave Query, known as DQ around town, is a hometown guy. Having grown up in Boulder, he left, went to The Culinary Institute of America, worked all over Europe and the U.S., returned and became part owner of his first restaurant in 1989. He’s been making magic happen ever since.

    Dave and his crews at Zolo Grill, Jax Fish House, Centro Latin Kitchen, and West End Tavern are most proud of their contributions to the community and of the trust they’ve earned from the fine people of Boulder, the greatest city in America. Yeeee-HAW!

    My Perfect Day in Boulder:
    • Wake up early. Have breakfast at Village Coffee Shop.
    • Get some juice at Wonder to take on a hike, a bike ride or to go fly fishing up Boulder Canyon.
    • If you don’t have a bike, rent one from my buddy Doug at University Bicycles (the greatest bike shop in America). Ride up the Boulder Creek Path, fishing for brookies and brownies.
    • Come back down and go see Danny at Mustard's Last Stand for the greatest Chicago Dog this side of Wrigley (ketchup, mustard, onions, pickles, relish, tomatoes, (no kraut or peppers), fries and a root beer.
    • Take a nap (key).
    • Get-up feeling great and hit the rooftop of West End Tavern for a refreshing bourbon cocktail from their expertly prepared list and some dank BBQ from the smoker.
    • Stop by Jax Fish House next for a dozen oysters at the bar. Then slide down the block to Centro for a margarita and some killer tacos at Boulder’s best people-watching patio bar.
    • Walk the Pearl Street Mall and check out all there is to see with some ice cream from Two Spoons.
    • Make one last stop for a leisurely nightcap at The Bitter Bar. Best adult cocktails anywhere. Good day. Good day, indeed