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    Boulder Theater

    Greg Anderson of West End Tavern

    Greg Anderson, West End TavernA native of Tyler, Texas, the easy-going Greg Anderson has a fierce commitment to excellence. After graduating with a degree in the culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu of North America, Greg lent his talents to some of the finest kitchens of the high country — Two Elk Lodges, the Grand Teton Lodge Company and Mid Vail Restaurants — before taking the reins at the West End Tavern.

    When he’s not behind the burners he loves hanging out with his family and friends, grilling, sipping on some good craft beer and getting out into the great outdoors. He also makes time to volunteer to organizations such as Love, Hope, Strength and the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

    My Perfect Day in Boulder:
    • Go for a run and get a quick workout in at home.
    • Make some coffee (Ozo's organic blend), and enjoy it on the front porch.
    • Breakfast at Lucile's. The shrimp and grits, a biscuit and homemade jam, and the house spiced tea.
    • Hit up the Boulder Farmers Market for some grocery shopping. It is one of the best farmers' markets I have ever been to. Since you can spend a good while there, it usually ends up being time for lunch before you're finished shopping. Grab a couple of tamales and a drink, sit in the shade, and relax for a bit.
    • Drop the groceries off at home or the restaurant and head over to Chautauqua Park. Go for a hike up into the foothills and get a perfect view of the city.
    • Back in town, stroll down the Pearl Street Mall and do some window shopping. Definitely go in and do some real shopping at Peppercorn. They've got tons of cookbooks, spices, gadgets and other cool kitchen stuff.
    • Walk down to my restaurant, the West End Tavern, for some delicious bourbon cocktails and some of the best barbecue around.
    • Catch a show at the Boulder Theater.