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    Hiking in Boulder

    Jeff Whitney of West End Tavern

    Jeff Whitney of West End TavernJeff fell in love with cooking at a young age, watching Food Network with his mom and helping her in the kitchen. After high school, his hobby became his profession, and he enrolled at the Florida Culinary Institute. He loves seeing the effect that good food and company have on his guests and appreciates the fact that he gets to learn something new every day.
    When he’s not behind the burners at The West End, you’ll find Jeff exploring the outdoors with his wife and their two dogs. He enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, disc golf, barbecuing, going to breweries, ballgames with friends in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.  

    My Perfect Day in Boulder:

    During the winter:

    • Get up early, crank up the coffeemaker and brew a big ol’ pot o’ joe.
    • Get some tunes playing, load up the car and head to the mountains for some snow sports.
    • I always pack a big lunch with some tasty snacks and, of course, some fine Colorado brews. Wibby, Odell, Ska, and Avery are some of my all-time favorites.

    During the spring, summer, and fall:

    • Get up, have some coffee and play with the dogs outside. 
    • My wife and I will usually cook a tasty breakfast at a leisurely pace — which turns into brunch real quick.
    • Then we hang out in our backyard, gardening and doing yard work.
    • After that, if possible, we’ll go for a hike — maybe St. Mary's Glacier, Chautauqua or the Fourth of July Trail — or we’ll hit up Boulder Creek
    • Then it’s the perfect time to visit a brewery or happy hour or just relax in the backyard. For happy hour, Centro Mexican Kitchen, The Post Brewing Co., and Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar are all awesome.
    • In the evening, we’ll either have friends over and grill outside or go for some tasty eats anywhere here in town. If you haven’t already, check out T|Aco for some delicious tacos.
    • When we are lucky enough, we’ll go see a Red Rocks show, just outside of Denver!
    • We like to finish up the day with a few more cocktails with amigos.
    • Then get to bed and enjoy that fresh Colorado air flowing through the house.