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    6 Ways to Sip and Savor Boulder

    Sample Boulder's Beer, Wine and Spirits Scenes

    Get a taste of what's brewing (and fermenting and distilling) in Boulder with these fun ways to enjoy libations in Boulder.

    1. Mix Your Own Cocktail at Salt

    Suspect you've got mad mixology skills? Anyone can give cocktail-concocting a try at Boulder's Salt Bistro. Their Cocktail Element menu allows you to mix and match your preferred ingredients. Choose your base spirit, such as tequila or vodka; the herb, spice or fruit you'd like to add for flavor; and the style, such as fizz, ricky or collins. And voilà: your own signature drink.

    2. Sip Exclusive Beers, Right from the Source, at Avery Brewing

    When you visit Avery Brewing's taproom in its dazzling, open-concept facility, you're bound to feel a tad bit smug that you can taste several scrumptious suds that can only be had right there, on site. Sure, the masses may have had Avery's famous White Rascal or Ellie's Brown Ale, but have they had the passion fruit-infused Belgian-style Lilikoi Kepolo or the spiced-just-right Chai Brown? Nope. Just you.

    3. Pedal Your Way to Boulder's Breweries and Bars

    Beyond Boulder Bike Adventures will lead you via bike to some of the best breweries and distilleries in Boulder, with views of the iconic Flatirons and wildlife along the way. The three- to four-hour tour is on mostly flat, paved paths. You can go in even on snowy paths, thanks to the awesome fat-bike option (with huge, nubby tires that can grip in nearly any condition). 

    4. Soak (and Sip) Up Knowledge at The Bitter Bar

    There are lots of lounge-worthy seats at The Bitter Bar, but if you belly right up to the bar, you'll have a chance to chat with the ultra-knowledgeable, passionate bar staff. Ask how many herbs are in green chartreuse (hint: it's over 100), how they make their own bitters in-house (hence, the name), or how they choose and source their unique glassware (and why it matters).

    5. Sample Civilization's First Libation at Redstone Meadery

    There's pretty strong evidence that fermented honey was humankind's first foray into buzz-inducing beverages. You get the feeling the folks at Redstone Meadery would be just fine if humanity had stopped right there. Take a half-hour tour, and sample some delicious varieties of meads (black raspberry!) that will go a long way to convincing you that mead is indeed the nectar of the gods. 

    6. Visit Two Wineries, a Brewery and a Cidery in One Spot

    Hit Boulder's dynamic duo of wine on Lee Hill Drive: Bookcliff Vineyards and Settembre Cellars. Then head next door for fresh craft beer at Upslope Brewery — and cider at Boulder's first cidery, BOCO Cider.

    There's Always More

    Find more ways to enjoy Boulder's libations by checking out the Boulder's brewery, winery and distillery listings.

    And Don't Forget the Food...

    Boulder was named America's Foodiest City by Bon Appétit magazine. See our foodie checklist or browse our restaurants for yumminess.