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    Boulder Farmers' Market

    SMiLE's Perfect Day in Boulder

    Cat mural by SMiLE in BoulderSMiLE is the pseudonym used by the anonymous Boulder street artist whose intricate, stenciled paintings of cats and recognizable characters (Jack Kerouac, Vincent van Gogh, Dalai Lama) are admired all over town. Keep an eye out as you walk around! SMiLE grew up in Boulder and pursued a traditional art track before being inspired by the street art of Paris and Italy.

    How would you describe your perfect day in Boulder?

    A perfect day, for me, starts on a nice, warm Saturday morning. I’d head to the Boulder Farmers Market, order a tamale and some Haystack Mountain Cheese to go.

    Then I’d meet up with some of my family members. They’re Italian and loud, so they’d probably yell, “Wanna join us?” We’d stroll down to Trident Booksellers and Cafe, and I’d order a Bhakti Chai.

    Then I’d walk east down Pearl Street all the way to The Peoples' Crossing (formerly "Settlers Park") and do a loop on Red Rocks Trail. I’d stay up there for an hour or so and meditate for a bit. I’m pretty focused on my art right now, so I’d spend some time at home to cut some new stencils, cook dinner and get some energy.

    Next, I’d call up some friends, head up to the Hill with my art supplies and chat with the CU students up there as I work on a new piece of art. At the end of the night, I’d drive home and play with my cat.