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    Boulder Pumpkin Patch

    5 Things to Do on Boulder's Farms

    Experience Boulder’s acclaimed food scene at its source, take a few Boulder farm tours, get a little dirt on your hands and meet some furry friends.

    1. Bike to Farm

    Boulder Bike Tours offers a Thursday Sunset Ride to 63rd St. Farm, where you can join in a fun community event that involves munching on fresh pizza pies (topped with the day's veggie harvest) from a mobile pizza oven. The other option is a Sunday Brunch Ride, where you'll have a chance to meet farmers on local Boulder County Farms and enjoy a delicious brunch made from freshly picked produce. Both options include scenic, easy rides on bike paths and country roads with beautiful mountain views — and a chance to learn about organic farming and the Boulder farming lifestyle from local growers. Electric bikes are available, too.

    Boulder Bike Tours - Bike to Farm

    2. Get Farm Smarts 

    On-the-farm classes let you get up-close-and-personal to the land and its farmers. Take a course on wild herb picking and natural medicine at Three Leaf Farm, an officially designated botanical sanctuary; sign up for a cheese-making or goat yoga workshop at Mountain Flower Goat Dairy; or choose a beekeeping class at Growing Gardens. On Sunday, Aug. 13, 2017, during the Farm Around Boulder County Farm Tours, several farms open their doors for informative tours.

    Three Leaf Farm Workshop

    3. Dine Fresh

    There are many more farm dinner options around Boulder. Meadowlark Farms hosts a huge lineup of farm dinners every summer at various farms around Boulder County — but you'll need to plan in advance, as seats are sold on a lottery system.

    Boulder Farm Dinner

    4. Shop the Farms

    Pick up some famous peaches-and-cream sweet corn from Munson Farms (and grab a great photo op); pick up skeins of super-soft wool from Cure Organic Farm; or stop at Ollin Farms, where an on-site helper can point you to the best picks. Also keep an eye out for neighborhood “farm” stands right in town. In Boulder, it’s legal for hobby gardeners to sell their extra garden bounties.

    Munson Farm Stand

    5. Picnic in Style

    Spread out a quilt in the sun, unpack some goodies and lunch it up while you watch life on the farm. Lone Hawk Farm allows picnics on their barn balcony.

    Boulder Picnic