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    Boulder Bike Tours' Bike-to-Farm Tour

    5 Ways to Tour Boulder

    Meet locals and learn about secret places and special people on a Boulder tour. Be knocked over by a roomful of peppermint, ride on a school bus converted into a hillbilly shack on wheels, or sip and savor the city's sophisticated dining riches — there's a tour for every type.

    1. Bicycle Tours

    On road and off, one of the best ways to see Boulder — consistently named one of the best cycling towns in the country — is on two wheels. Local tour guides are inevitably the kind who live to ride, so you're assured expert guidance.

    A huge range of bike tours are available from multiple outfitters, but a few favorite options include:


    Electric Cruiser Bike Tour Boulder

    2. Food and Tasting Tours

    So much to taste, so little time. Let an expert guide your taste buds straight to Boulder's best bites. Join Local Table Tours' for a tour, with themes that include downtown dining, coffee-and-pastry, cheese, farmers' market and cocktails.

    More delicious flavors await at Celestial Seasonings. This major tea manufacturer's 45-minute tour includes tastes of any of their teas, plus a visit to the unforgettable mint room and much more. Celestial Seasonings was named one of the country's best food factory tours by USA TODAY's Readers' Choice.

    Dining in Boulder

    3. Winery, Brewery and Distillery Tours

    Boulder's been beer central for decades, and now wineries and distilleries are among the dozens of reasons to say "cheers" in Boulder. Take a driving or walking tour from Boulder Brew Tours, a Boulder Ales and Trails tour with Aspire Tours or tours and tastings available at individual breweries. Learn the tricks of the distilling trade at Vapor Distillery, and then swill delicious cocktails. Or try a behind-the-scenes look at BookCliff Vineyards, complete with wine, chocolate and cheese tasting, plus a tour of the winery and a virtual tour of the vineyard. Find more toast-worthy tours here.

    Avery Brewing Facility Tour

    4. History Tours

    Boulder's history is not the dusty, boring stuff you might find elsewhere. Eccentric characters and surprising events color Boulder's past, which you'll learn about as you see some of Boulder's best sights.

    Boulder Walking Tours' experienced guides can steer you through the Hotel Boulderado, pioneer neighborhoods, Pearl Street Mall, the neighborhood of Mork & Mindy's famous TV house, public art and e-Town Hall. Or tag along with Bolder Adventure Travel's local history guide for a hiking or biking tour with a historical bent. Another option is to tour by segway, with Colorado Segway Tours to guide you around seven miles of historic neighborhoods. You can also hop aboard the hard-to-miss Banjo Billy bus to hear ghost tales and crime stories while sitting on a couch, recliner or saddle inside this funky, converted school bus, complete with disco ball.

    Banjo Billy

    5. Science Tours 

    A handful of national laboratories call Boulder home, and two of them offer regular tours to visitors. The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) free tours take place Tuesdays at 1pm. The highlight of a visit is Science-on-a-Sphere, which presents spherical animations of climate change, ocean currents, hurricane formation, tsunamis and other natural phenomena. Visitors can also get a close look at 24/7 forecast centers: the local Weather Forecast Office and the unique Space Weather Prediction Center.

    National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Mesa Laboratory, with its a wealth of weather and climate exhibits, offers free tours Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon. During your visit, you can touch a cloud, consider chaos, steer a hurricane, explore climate, take a look at the sun and browse art galleries. Also take a pre- or post-tour walk on the Walter Orr Roberts Weather Trail, North America’s first weather-oriented nature trail.

    Group at NCAR Weather Trail