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Boulder Air Travel

Denver International Airport

DIA is serviced by most major airline carriers, including non-stop flights between Denver and London, and Denver and Frankfurt. Travel time from DIA to Boulder is approximately 45 minutes.

 Airline  Phone Number
 Air Canada 888.247.2262
 America West 800.235.9292
 American 800.433.7300
 ATA 800.435.9282
 British Airways 800.247.9297
 Continental 800.525.0280
 Delta 800.221.1212
 Frontier (Based in Denver) 800.432.1359
 Greeley, Colorado 48.1 miles
 Mexicana 800.531.7921
 Midwest Express 800.452.2022
 Northwest 800.225.2525
 TWA 800.221.2000
 United (Denver is a Hub City) 800.241.6522
 US Air 800.428.4322
 Vanguard 800.826.4827
Directions from DIA

Exit DIA on Peña Boulevard. Continue until you reach I-70 west. Take I-70 west and keep right at the fork to continue onto I-270 (following signs for Fort Collins/Boulder). Continue on I-270 north, which will become U.S. Hwy 36 west and will take you straight into Boulder.


Take the toll road exit, E-470 north from Peña Boulevard to the Northwest Parkway towards Broomfield. Take the exit for Hwy 36 and continue west on Hwy. 36 into Boulder. Please be aware this route has tolls but can save time at peak travel hours.

Local and Regional Airports

Boulder Municipal Airport is a small hub serving business, private, recreational and emergency aviation services to the City of Boulder and surrounding communities.

Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport is another smaller, regional airport situated between Boulder and Denver, just off Hwy. 36.