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Ice Cream and Flatirons

Boulder’s Ice Cream Spots and Frozen Treats

Give in to one of Boulder’s sweetest summertime pleasures — a cold-and-creamy ice cream cone, frozen yogurt, popsicle or other creative treats perfect for cooling down in summer.

Gourmet Goodness

With locally sourced ingredients and inventive flavors, these Boulder frozen treats are fit for foodies.

  • Lucky’s Bakehouse and Creamery is located inside a foodie-favorite gourmet market. They make their ice cream in-house using local cream, with flavors ranging from classic to crazy. 
  • With the marriage of an Italian and a Colorado native, Gelato Boy's owners decided to produce authentic, fresh gelato in Boulder. Taste the results in the mouthwatering harvest berries, limoncello or Straccia Newtella gelato.
  • Van Leeuwen has elevated scoops of elegant flavors, like a Rocky Mountain Road with hints of pine notes and Peanut Butter Brownie with bits of honeycomb. Count on them to always have a handful of vegan flavors available, too. 

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Cool Classics 

Why stray from the classic ice cream shop when these Boulder choices will give everyone an ice cream-mustached smile.

  • With its trippy tapestries and colorful artwork, Glacier Homemade Ice Cream (above) has our hearts as a true Boulder landmark. They have created more than 1,000 flavors of ice creams, sorbets and gelatos, with about 80 available at a time at their two Boulder locations.
  • You know the flavors: Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey, Totally Baked. Now taste them the way they were intended — freshly scooped on a cone or in a cup at Ben & Jerry’s classic Pearl Street Mall shop. 
  • There’s no denying Haagen-Dazs ice cream is some of the best, and Lindsay’s Boulder Deli has been the dedicated source for it for what seems like forever at the corner of Pearl and Broadway in downtown. 
  • If you'll take your double-scoop with a side of mountain views, then the Chautauqua General Store is the place for you. This tiny cottage shop, just steps from the Flatirons, is the perfect place to stop for a post-hike reward. 
Kid Approved
  • Free smiling-cow tattoos and a fun atmosphere make Sweet Cow a family favorite, with two Boulder locations. Little ones will love Trix Are for Kids or strawberry, while Mom and Dad might opt for OZO Coffee or candied ginger.
  • For those who can’t resist a pile of fun toppings, try Ripple. This Boulder shop is a locally owned, all-natural take on the by-the-pound frozen yogurt joints your kids love. They have over 60 toppings, from fresh fruit to hot fudge.

Sweet Cow

Health Kicks

Superfood infusions, all-organic ingredients and dairy-free options abound in Boulder when it comes to refreshing frozen treats.

  • Keep an eye out for Best One Yet’s adorable vegan ice cream truck at the Boulder Farmers Market, dishing up plant-based ice cream so good that even non-vegans fall in love with it.
  • A favorite haunt on the Hill, Rush Bowls has been serving up açaí bowls (frozen açaí fruit that’s blended and topped with fruit, granola and honey) long before they were trendy. Opt for the Yoga Bowl (with hints of green tea) or the classic Beach Bowl. 
  • Vitality Bowls makes nutrition delish with their health-focused frozen bowls packed with superfoods like mangosteen, aronia berry, camu camu, açaí, pomegranate and more.