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    Street Wise Mural

    A Guide to Boulder’s Murals

    Mural, mural on the wall, who’s the brightest of them all? Boulder has several public arts programs that have invested in more than 100 colorful murals over the last three years, and they're found all over town. From the annual Street Wise mural festival to the Creative Neighborhoods project, the city is turning blank walls around town into canvases for an inspired selection of local artists. With Boulder being the fifth most vibrant arts community among medium-sized U.S. cities, there are plenty to choose from.

    How to Enjoy Boulder's Murals

    For a great fall or winter activity, grab a Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse signature hot chai, a Piece, Love and Chocolate hot sipping chocolate or one of OZO Coffee's 21 flavored mochas and taking a self-guided tour of Boulder's murals. Street art, by its nature, often takes place in alleyways and off the beaten path, so be ready for a behind-the-scenes urban adventure. 

    Here are several mural and street art projects to check out in Boulder:

    Guided Mural Tour by Bike

    Boulder's seen such an explosion of murals, that a new tour company has launched to take you on a bike tour of some of the best. JD's Joyrides' Wall To Wall Boulder eBike Mural Tour takes you to dozens of Boulder murals and on an electric Rad Power Bike. The leisurely two-hour tour covers more than 20 miles (e-bikes make it easy!) and takes you to many of Boulder's essential sights, such as Pearl Street and Chautauqua.


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    Street Wise Boulder: 53 Vibrant Murals

    Street Wise Boulder launched in 2019 and installed 15 new murals around Boulder. In 2020 and 2021, 75 artists painted murals all over the city, each within the theme of "ARTivism." These murals are superb and a great place to start your own self-guided mural tour of Boulder. 

    Street Wise Boulder Mural

    Above: Street Wise mural in the back alley of Boulder Theater

    2021 Street Wise Murals

    2020 Street Wise Murals

    2019 Street Wise Murals

    Here's a taste of what you'll find among the 53 colorful Street Wise murals all over Boulder. Each of the new 2020 murals has a scannable QR code beside the work, which will open a webpage with more information about the piece. Some of them even have an audio discussion to listen to on your smartphone.

    'Sandra Bland' by Spray Their Name

    Spray Their Name is a collaboration among Detour 303 and Hiero Viega with Just Inspire and CYA The Creator. 

    Location: Dairy Arts Center
    Family Friendly Location ✔️


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    Adrienne Norris (Afro Triangle)'s Mural

    Location: 800 Pearl St., Boulder
    Family Friendly Location ✔️

    Gabriel Sanchez's Mural

    Location: Behind the Boulder Theater


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    Ashley Joon's Mural

    Location: 1909 9th St.
    Family Friendly Location ✔️


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    'Shadow' by Johnny Draco

    Location: 2055 26th St.
    Family Friendly Location ✔️

    There are three other fantastic murals at this same location, too!


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    Robert Martin's Mural

    Location: Boulder Creek Path at 9th

    Armando Silva's Mural 

    Location: Boulder Chamber of Commerce
    Family Friendly Location ✔️


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    'Water Is Life' by Lindee Zimmer

    Location: Wapos
    Family Friendly Location ✔️

    'Uncounted' by Lmnopi

    Location: Dairy Arts Center


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    Pat Milbery and Lowkey Creative's Mural

    Location: Sports Garage
    Family Friendly Location ✔️


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    Edica Pacha's Mural

    Location: Moorehead and 27th-ish
    You'll also see a mural by ozjuah above Edica Pacha's work, shown below.


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    'Defend the Defenseless' by Max Coleman

    Location: 2030 17th Street
    Family Friendly Location ✔️


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    'The eyes of all future generations are upon you' by Chelsea Lewinski, Julia Williams and Grow Love

    Location: 3550 Frontier Ave.
    Family Friendly Location ✔️


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    More Notable Murals

    Check out these other famous and buzzed-about murals.

    Boulder's "Stranger Things" Mural

    Location: 28th and Arapahoe
    Family Friendly Location ✔️

    This mural by Timoghini has been making quite a buzz for its nod to the "Stranger Things" TV show. (Side note of interest to "Stranger Things" fans: Fiske Planetarium in Boulder has a Stranger Things laser show.) 


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    Penfield Tate II Portrait by Detour

    Location: Boulder Public Library
    Family Friendly Location ✔️

    Penfield Tate II was Boulder's first (and so far only) Black mayor and a champion of LGBTQ rights.

    Penfield Tate II by Detour

    Portrait by Detour

    Location: Pearl Street and Foothills Parkway
    Family Friendly Location ✔️

    Detour 303 Portrait

    Runners' Mural

    Location: Spruce and Broadway
    Family Friendly Location ✔️

    This large-scale mural has been at Spruce and Broadway for decades and depicts a diverse group of runners with the Flatirons in the background — a tribute to the spirit of Frank Shorter, a Boulder Olympian who helped spur the running boom in the 70s and contributed to Boulder's reputation as a famously active community

    Running Mural

    SMiLE's Hidden Street Art

    Street artist SMiLE's elaborately stenciled cats, historical figures and other portraits can be spotted all over Boulder, beautifying electrical boxes, garbage bins and old phone booths. Keep an eye out, particularly in the Hill neighborhood and the blocks surrounding Pearl Street. SMiLE shared with us how he'd spend his perfect day in Boulder.


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    Public Art Walking Tour

    See murals and more on Boulder's downtown public art walking tour. You'll cruise down Pearl Street, taking in murals, sculptures and more on this leisurely, hour-or-so-long stroll through vibrant downtown.

    Family friendly ✔️

    Migration Mural

    Spot Your Own

    More and more murals and street art are popping up around Boulder as the town's artistic ambitions grow. Keep an eye out and you're sure to find more inspiration. Snap a photo and tag @VisitBoulder to share.