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Top Gluten-Free Restaurants in Boulder

Those who have banned gluten from their diets will be right at home in Boulder, an early adopter of the gluten-free lifestyle. In fact, many of Boulder's restaurants have completely nailed the art of delicious, gluten-free cooking. Whether you're celiac, paleo or just gluten intolerant, you'll find plenty of choices in Boulder. The following range from entirely gluten-free to simply gluten-friendly.

Hapa Sushi Grill & Sake Bar

The vibe: This happening downtown Japenese-and-Hawaiian-fusion spot not only has a dedicated gluten-free menu, but food also comes out with allergy markers in it to indicate they took care to keep it safe. Most importantly, everything is delicious and the atmosphere adds even more, with a lively outdoor patio area and traditional chef-side bar seating.

The dish: Folks rave about the "Magic Mushrooms" — avocado wrapped in salmon and broiled with Japanese aioli. And don't forget about their gluten-free happy hour!

100% gluten-free? No.

Just BE Kitchen

The vibe: The vibrant Just BE Kitchen is tucked into a cozy corner off of bustling 30th Street. You can find all sorts of healthy meals, sides, bone broths, desserts, coffee and more, designed for all types of restrictive diets, from autoimmune protocol and low-histamine to anti-candida and Whole 30.

The dish: The chicken and dumplings with bone broth gravy will satisfy even the biggest cravings for comfort food, and the Moroccan-roasted carrot dip is also big hit.

100% gluten-free? Yes.


The vibe: The colorful, wonderfully crunchy Thrive is entirely gluten-free. It's also raw and vegan, but don't let that deter you — folks absolutely rave about their tasty and creative menu. Plus, only in Boulder can you flip through tarot cards while you wait.

The dish: The pad thai with spiralized zucchini noodles and marinated mushrooms, broccoli, carrot, red bell pepper, purple cabbage, green onion, cilantro, black sesame and kraut. All tossed with a sprouted almond butter pad thai dressing.

100% gluten-free? Yes.


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Flower Child

The vibe: A bustling fast-casual spot in the Boulder restaurant scene, Flower Child serves up soul-satisfying, made-from-scratch meals with farm-fresh ingredients. This crowd-pleasing favorite offers clearly marked gluten-free dishes, as well as vegetarian, vegan, organic and paleo selections.

The dish: Try a healthy bowl, like the Glow Bowl, made with spicy-sweet potato noodles, bok choy, zucchini, onion, jalapeños, shiitake mushrooms, coconut milk and sunflower butter. Little ones will love the Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese. 

100% gluten-free? No.


The Post Chicken & Beer

The vibe: A no-frills comfort food spot just off Pearl Street Mall with a great outdoor seating area that's ideal for groups. You might be surprised to hear that all of The Post's bone-in fried chicken and gravies are gluten-free in addition to an array of other dishes. Don't forget about the few GF beer and cider options, too.

The dish: Start with the deviled eggs with pickled pepper relish, crispy chicken skin fresh chives followed by any hot chicken dishes with the Nashville Hot tossing sauce.

100% gluten-free? No.

River and Woods

The vibe: Chef Daniel Asher is a leader in the sustainable food movement, and it shows on the creative River and Woods menu, which puts a playful (often elegant) twist on family favorites. Everything gluten-free is clearly marked. 

The dish: Come for the gluten-free bacon-wrapped date skewers starter, pan-seared Idaho mountain trout entree, high-end cocktails and peaceful courtyard out back!

100% gluten-free? No.


The Buff Restaurant

The vibe: A Boulder brunch staple, The Buff offers numerous gluten-free dishes — more than three-quarters of their menu has gluten-free options! Grab a 99-cent Bloody Mary, Mimosa or Tequila Sunrise in a mason jar while you wait for your entree.

The dish: Gluten-free lemon pecan griddle cakes with fresh-grated lemon rind. You also can't go wrong with any of the egg dishes. These people know what they're doing with potatoes.

100% gluten-free? No.

Bramble & Hare

The vibe: With a James Beard-nominated chef at the helm and a MICHELIN Green Star under its belt, the cozy, high-end, farm-to-table Brambe & Hare will take care of your every wish (including gluten-free requests).

The dish: Whatever Chef Skokan brings from his own farm that day (just ask your server for gluten-free recommendations).

100% gluten-free? No.

More to Try

Check out these eateries for more creative and satisfying gluten-free dining in Boulder.

  • Pupusas Lover 2 Authentic Salvadoran cuisine with an entirely gluten-free menu, featuring stuffed Salvadoran flatbreads made with corn flour. 100% gluten-free? Yes.
  • Sweet Sisters Bake Shop When you need something sweet, this is your go-to GF bakery in Boulder. 100% gluten-free? Yes.
  • bartaco Tasty tacos and Mexican dishes. Everything on the menu is gluten-free except for three items that are easy to avoid. Ordering is done through your phone, where you can indicate if you have a gluten allergy (and include up to four other allergies, like dairy, etc.) for each dish. 100% gluten-free? No.
  • Dragonfly Noodle Gluten-free ramen can be hard to come by, and Dragonfly cooks their rice noodles in separate pots along with most bases and toppings being gluten-free. 100% gluten-free? No.
  • Zeal Ideal for those who want to eat healthy, whole foods, most of Zeal's menu is already sans gluten or has a gluten-free option. 100% gluten-free? No.
  • The Kitchen Fine dining with various gluten-free menu items available and a dedicated gluten-free fryer. 100% gluten-free? No.